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Game Info

'Theatrhythm Final Fantasy' is a new entry in the world famous 'FINAL FANTASY' series developed exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. The game follows various FF characters as they search for a way to return light to the crystal.

The art in the game is done in the style of 'Kingdom Hearts Avatar Kingdom'

Game Play

'Theatrhythm Final Fantasy' is a "Theater Rhythm Action". The game will have you travel through various towns, fields and dungeons across a fantasy world. The combat will be a side-view system, similar to earlier entries in the Final Fantasy Series (eg, I, II) but battles are done using a rhythm system, where you must tap the Touch Screen when prompted. Music is taken feom the various different Final Fantasy titles.

Characters from other Final Fantasy games, like VII's Cloud Strife and XIII's Claire 'Lightning' Farron are said to cameo during the game, however it is not known if they will be playable or not.


Hardware Info

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS Handheld.

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