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Radio waves are all around you. However, what you might not know is that, at any and all times, mysterious little creatures float around near these waves. They're called "Denpa" Men. You can't see them normally, but you can find them and catch them with your Nintendo 3DS.

Game Play

This is a role-playing game in which you collect Denpa Men to form a party, and use this party to explore dungeons. Each radio wave territory has its own completely unique Denpa Men, and no two of them are ever the same! Their faces, bodies, and personalities are all different, and some of them even have special skills and strong points. There's a practically infinite number of variations! Sometimes, you'll even find Denpa Men who are exceptionally strong. Try searching in lots of different places to form your own team of these wonderful tiny critters, and take them on an adventure to rescue a certain special someone from the clutches of the King of Evil!


• Different types of "DENPA" MEN are location-specific
• There are many types of "DENPA" MEN, some are quite rare
• You can find and catch new characters anytime, anywhere
• Captured characters become characters in the game

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