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You play as either Mario or Luigi attempting to rescue Princess Peach once again from the clutches of Bowser. Running through Mushroom Kingdom, you must do your best to jump on enemies and overcome obstacles. Level design is similar to the original Super Mario Bros. and can be easy to get used to. But don't get too headstrong, you'll need every ounce of ambition-and a lot of skill-to save the Princess!

This game was known as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan, but Nintendo of America would not release this game on the NES in the States due to its insanely high difficulty. Instead, this became known as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels in the States while Nintendo of America took Doki Doki Panic and made it into its own version of Super Mario Bros. 2, with that game being known as Super Mario Bros. USA in Japan.

Game Play

Gameplay is nearly identical to Super Mario Bros., however to say this sequel is harder than the original would be a gross understatement. Some of the Mushrooms are actually Poison Mushrooms, which hurt Mario or Luigi instead!

Amongst the challenges include insanely difficult platforming, especially without being able to scroll back in a level. Plus two of the Warp Zones will send you to a previously completed world!


  • Just when you thought you were done at World 8...think again. Complete the game without warping once or continuing, and you'll access World 9 before entering a 10th World. A total of 13 Worlds are in this game, each stage more challenging than the last!
  • Whatever you do, don't eat the mushroom if it's poisonous!
  • New gameplay mechanics include a mega spring, which launches Mario or Luigi up so high they're temporarily scrolled off the top of the screen; and wind, which will also have an effect on jumps!

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