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Sonic: Lost World is an action adventure title for the Wii U and the second in a series of Sonic the Hedgehog titles developed exclusively for Nintendo platforms. The game blends 2D and 3D platforming mechanics, building on Sonic Colors.

Players control Sonic the Hedgehog himself through side-scrolling and 3D levels, with emphasis placed on managing his speed between slower and more deliberate movements to faster runs with access to parkour moves used to traverse up walls. Sonic can also gather Wisps, which like in Sonic Colors function as powerups that grant limited time benefits or special attacks. Players can manage these Wisp powerups using the Wii U GamePad. Players can also receive Wisps from other players through the Miiverse, which are more powerful than the regular versions earned ingame.

The game supports two-player coop multiplayer, where the second player controls a vehicle that assists Sonic throughout the levels of Lost Hex. Players can also race each other in competitive multiplayer modes.

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Fastaidanl123 and 7 others own Sonic: Lost World
Jan 30, 15 11:12pm
Good levels and the game has a great soundtrack. But the later levels got really frustrating and the game made me rage quite a bit. :/ SonicLostWorld Wii U
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The blue blur has recently gained a new world addition to break the sound barrier in. Joining... posted Mar 26, 14 8:22pm

Dec 23, 13 2:05pm
FC:3179-6639-0489 Name:Razor...Merry Christmas...put a comment add me SonicLostWorld 3DS

A surprisingly depressing announcement was made at today's December Nintendo Direct event, as... posted Dec 18, 13 6:02pm

Dec 13, 13 4:00am

Don't get me wrong. This game is good. But something is lacking within. It's a typical Sonic...

Nov 05, 13 1:46pm
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Nov 01, 13 4:32pm
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Sonic Lost World is less than a month away from launch, so how about an extended look at the... posted Sep 23, 13 11:45am

Sep 02, 13 7:11pm
added 12 new concept art
Sep 02, 13 7:09pm
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Hooray! It appears as if all of the Sonic Lost World details that were exclusive to some other site yesterday...

posted May 29, 13 9:00am

Prepare yourselves, the Sonic Lost World debut trailer has just been released and -- wait for it -- it looks...

posted May 28, 13 1:20pm

May 28, 13 1:09pm
I am completely lost for words at the wonderous classic/modern mix of Sonic as a series. Very X-treme like. SonicLostWorld Wii U
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