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Use speed, skill, and lightning-fast reflexes to save the spirit world from destruction in this engaging, action-packed puzzle game in which a variety of compelling spatial challenges await! Rotate and maneuver block-shaped Guardians to explore sacred shrines and climb towers that reach high above the clouds. Face adrenaline-fueled races against the clock, cerebral shape-matching missions, and mazes that you’ll need a sharp memory to escape. The evil god Koruptal has brought chaos and destruction to the spirit world, and it’s up to you to put things right!

Three player-vs.-player modes and 96 replayable, fast-paced, 3D single-player stages offer a wealth of puzzle-packed excitement, only available on the Nintendo 3DS system!

Nintendo eShop Cost

North America: $6.99
Europe: £5.40 / €6.00
Japan: ¥800

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Nintendo eShop Page (EU)
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  • Genre: Puzzle (3DSWare)
  • Theme(s): Historical, Supernatural/Occult
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
  • Developer: KeysFactory
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaApr 12, 2012
    EuropeApr 5, 2012
    JapanOct 21, 2011
    AustraliaApr 5, 2012
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Multi-player (2 max)
  • Also known as:
  • SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle in Europe / Australia
  • Ketzal's Corridors in North America
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