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Discover and take care of your very own fantasy pets in an immersive, whimsical 3D environment full of floating islands, magical lands and snow-topped mountains. Nurture magical eggs that hatch surprising pets, such as unicorns, dragons and red pandas, each with their own personality and power. Bond with your fantasy pets as they react to you in 3D like actual pets! And teach them to transform into objects to keep them secret from your parents!

Game Play


  • Hatch & collect 20 magic pets, each with their own personality and humor!

  • Take care of life-like pets - feed them, clean them & learn their preferences, from cotton candy to Tabasco sauce.

  • Realistic reactions bring pet-sim to life - Petz react to your actions in 3D, i.e. licking you, putting paw up to welcome you, and 360 jumps when they’re excited.

  • Explore an immersive 3D world as you teach them magical powers - through NEW fun mini-games, teach them to fly, speed, breathe ice & spit fire.

  • Keep them hidden from your parents - teach them to morph into household objects like toasters & lamps, and watch them transform in 3D!

  • Augmented reality features - use the 3DS camera to decrypt codes on cards and discover new 3D realistic creatures, outfits and accessories!

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