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Monster Hunter 4 is the latest title in the Monster Hunter series.

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Monster Hunter players are by nature collectors. They'll spend hours on end hunting down the... posted Sep 08, 14 6:57pm

Kind of want this collector's edition. http://neo.ly/1ol4XNv MonsterHunter4 3DS
Read up on how the Charge Blade, Dual Blades and Heavy Bowgun are getting changed! http://neo.ly/1sojT25 MonsterHunter4 3DS

It was recently revealed that Famitsu had upcoming information on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and thanks to a series of leaks, we have their scoop here. To aid in the monster-battling-journey of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, several guns are getting upgr...

Monster Hunter 4U will have no region block between NA and EU http://neo.ly/1AFsYYp MonsterHunter4 3DS

Fans of Monster Hunter's online play will be ecstatic to hear that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will not be region-locked between North American and Europe. North Americans will successfully be able to play online and locally with European players, and...

So we know that Monster Hunter 4 is destined for the West in 2015. In addition to that,... posted Feb 13, 14 5:48pm

Damn, Capcom, take your merry time I suppose. Monster Hunter 4 is finally coming westward... in... posted Jan 26, 14 11:28am

While the world is still deep in Grand Theft Auto V fever, Japan is once again drowning in... posted Sep 18, 13 4:32pm

I've never played A Monster Hunter title, but when an Capcom releases a opening cinematic like... posted Aug 27, 13 11:45am

will monster hunter 4 become avaliable to the rest of the world not just japan? MonsterHunter4 3DS

September 14 is the day Monster Hunter 4 will be released on the 3DS... in Japan. The game hasn't even been... posted May 31, 13 9:53am

  • Genre: Action/Adventure (3DS)
  • Theme(s): Fantasy
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Released
    North AmericaFeb 13, 2015
    EuropeFeb 12, 2015
    JapanSep 14, 2013
    AustraliaFeb 14, 2015
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Co-op (4 max)
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