For eight years after the release of Super Metroid, a new Metroid title wouldn't hit the gaming market. That would change in the Autumn of 2002, as not one but two new entries to the series would be released near-simultaneously: the critically-acclaimed Metroid Prime on the Game Cube, and Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Advance.

While Metroid Prime took the series into three dimensions, Metroid Fusion stuck to the series roots of side-scrolling action.

Game Info

Years after the events of Super Metroid, Samus Aran found herself assigned to watch a research team on the surface of SR388, where she had exterminated the Metroids years prior. When subduing one of the creatures for research, she was attacked by a floating parasitic lifeform they know as the "X".

The X would multiply within Samus's system, and whilst travelling back to the research station in SR388's orbit, unaware of what was going on, the bounty hunter would lose consciousness with her ship drifting into a nearby asteroid belt. The ship's fail-safe auto-ejected her, and it was at Galactic Federation HQ in which her condition was revealed: the X were multiplying within her, compromising her internal organs.

To make matters worse her Power Suit could not be removed whilst unconscious, so the medics had to surgically remove large portions of it. The outlook was grim, but a cure was proposed: injecting Metroid DNA into Samus's system. The X that were infesting and multiplying within the hunter were immediately, completely and entirely killed, however Samus herself would be changed, as she would inherit the Metroid's weakness to extreme cold.

As Samus would return to SR388 in her new ship, programmed with a computerized Commanding Officer, an explosion would rock the Quarantine Bay. Samus is being sent in to investigate, and restore order to the station.


  • Collect classic weapons and find many new items and elements that will help you work your way through the celebrated game play in this eagerly anticipated title.
  • Uncover new mysteries and a thrilling, dramatic story line that gradually unfolds during the course of the game.
  • Bursting with action, Metroid Fusion is being developed by the same team that created the earlier games.
  • Relive the same fantastic style of exploration that gradually unfolds and the same great play control that has defined Metroid games.
  • See Samus as she's never been before-with new items, new actions, new appearance.

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