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After the huge success of its theme park last time around, the Mario Toy Company is hosting a Mini Toy Carnival for everyone to attend. But what's this? Are Donkey Kong and Pauline teaming up to run a mini arcade inside the carnival? This isn't Mario vs. Donkey Kong… now it's Mario AND Donkey Kong!

Game Play

Enjoy over 180 puzzling levels as you twist, drag, slide and drop tiles to build paths for the Minis to move along. Four different play styles offers unique ways to experience the action, while exciting minigames challenge you to rack up the highest score possible! Create your own levels and share them online, then download levels made by other players and expand the puzzle fun even further!


  • Build a path quickly and help your toy collect M-Tokens on the way to the exit… try not to let it fall!
  • Mix up the action with four unique game styles that'll challenge you in different ways
  • Unlock exciting minigames that offer even more ways to play with your Mario toys!
  • Create your own levels and share them online or download new stages created by other players

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    • Genre: Puzzle (3DSWare)
    • Developer: Nintendo
    • Publisher: Nintendo
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      North AmericaMay 9, 2013
      EuropeMay 9, 2013
      JapanJul 24, 2013
      AustraliaMay 9, 2013
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    • Mario and Donkey Kong: Mini Mini Carnival in Japan
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