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Kirby's Dream Land Reviews

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Games Radar 3.5/5 Jul 12 '11
IGN DS 8/10 Jun 30 '11
Modojo 3/5 Jun 30 '11
WiiWare Nintendo Life 7/10 Jul 01 '11
Nintendo The Official Magazine  --- Oct 11 '11
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"That said, the game itself is still a joy to play after all these years. The levels are straightforward and easy, making this a fun, relaxing game that still has a bit more content to it than a similarly priced iPhone app. Even newcomers could blow through its four side-scrolling levels in 30 minutes, and experienced players could shave even more time off."
"Those two realities are no real knock against Dream Land's enduring appeal, as even with only a handful of levels and having to play as "Normal" Kirby the whole time, this game is still a winner and still well worth four bucks to buy on 3DS."
"On that note, although Kirby's Dream Land is light on content, it's still a bad guy swallowing good time."
"So brief it should be called Kirby's Power Nap Land. Inhaling things and then spitting them back out at other people is a horrible thing to do. But even with terrible manners and a near-featureless appearance (he is just a big face with arms and legs, after all), Kirby somehow remains one of Nintendo's most enduring mascots. Click here to read the full article"
"Kirby’s Dream Land was and remains an exceptionally charming platformer, but the pink puff’s debut adventure feels a bit too elementary now. Nineteen years of nostalgia shines bright upon Kirby, but dipping those rosy glasses reveals a walk-in-the-park title that has been outpaced by its descendants in virtually every way. Kirby’s genesis is strong, but he’s done better."