Originally released on the Game Boy in 1992, Kirby's Dream Land would introduce Kirby, a pink puffball that shows up as lightly colored in this title due to the Game Boy having a monochrome color pallet.

While many of Kirby's moves used in later titles aren't present here, the core mechanics of the series would be set with this title. Use Kirby's moves to recover the Twinkle Stars and recover the food King DeDeDe stole for himself!

Game Play

The game play takes place on four platformer stages, each with a boss at its end. Kirby can walk, jump and fly to progress through each stage, which is filled with many members of King DeDeDe's forces. Kirby can spit air pellets to attack in the air, but his signature means of dealing with enemies: inhaling them, and spitting them back out at their allies to defeat them.

Some enemies cannot be inhaled, but many of these enemies throw an object at Kirby that can be inhaled, then fired at the enemy in the form of a star. This is the key to damaging these foes, and what can be damaged can be defeated.

Kirby does have a few power-ups at his disposal. The Superspicy curry allows Kirby to spit fire for a short time, while the Leaf allows Kirby to spit an infinite number of air pellets whilst flying for a brief period with the exception of the third boss. And the Microphone triggers an immediate noise attack while giving Kirby a second noise attack, which defeats all enemies on screen.

Food items also help Kirby with his vitality. The Maxim Tomato will restore all six segments of Kirby's Health Meter, while the Pep Brew will restore two. Pick up a Candy Lollipop and Kirby will become invincible, allowing him to run right through enemies, instantly defeating them!


  • Four unique stages, with four "second trips" to another part of these stages at Mt. DeDeDe that must be completed to fight the final boss
  • Challenging platforming and boss battles await as Kirby tries to recover the Twinkle Stars and the food that King DeDeDe stole!
  • Addicting fun for one player

Hardware Info

  • GB: 1 Game Cartridge
  • 3DS: Virtual Console
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  • Genre: Action (3DS VC)
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