Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Reviews

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1UP C+ Aug 01 '12
Computer and Video Games 7.2/10 Jul 19 '12
Cubed3 9/10 Jul 18 '12
EuroGamer 8/10 Jul 19 '12
Game Informer 8.25/10 Jul 18 '12
Games Radar 4/5 Jul 31 '12
Gamespot 7/10 Jul 27 '12
Gaming Evolution 8.5/10 Aug 27 '12
gamrReview 8.3/10 Aug 05 '12
IGN DS 8.5/10 Jul 17 '12
Joystiq 3/5 Aug 01 '12
Modojo 3.5/5 Aug 02 '12
Nintendo The Official Magazine 84% Jul 18 '12
Nintendo World Report 9/10 Jul 30 '12
WiiWare Nintendo Life 7/10 Jul 18 '12
gamrReview 8.3/10 Aug 05 '12
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Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Previews

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1UP on Aug 03 '12

"Each successive sequel has dashed my hopes of what the series should be, and Dream Drop Distance is the latest example of this sad trend. The inevitable Hearts 3 may be the great white hope for..."

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Cubed3 on Jul 18 '12

"Bringing together high production levels, a wealth of story content, a tightly tweaked gameplay mechanic, and plenty of fresh ideas, Dream Drop Distance is the perfect warm-up for the long-awaited..."

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EuroGamer on Jul 19 '12

"In many ways, despite the lavish Disneyfied worlds, this doesn't even feel like a Kingdom Hearts game a lot of the time. The change in tone and tempo may well come as a jolt to long time fans, just..."

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Game Informer on Jul 18 '12

"Dream Drop Distance is one of those titles that reaffirms your faith in Kingdom Hearts (like Birth by Sleep) rather feeling like an obligation (like Re:coded). If you’ve passed up other..."

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Games Radar on Jul 31 '12

"Kingdom Hearts 3D doesn’t revolutionize the franchise, and some of its experimental mechanics might not cater to your tastes. But despite any flaws it might possess, Dream Drop Distance still..."

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