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A Japanese schoolyard soccer club may not be the most compelling storyline for an RPG, yet Inazuma Eleven will surprise even the most prolific of sports haters. To not just play simulated soccer, but to actively build and grow a soccer club from humble origins into one of the country's best, is both rewarding and incredibly fun. A story where the player focuses first on friendship, and then discovers the success that comes along with it, is both heartwarming and unique even in the modern gaming climate.

Mark is a goalkeeper in a family known for their talent at soccer, but in order to have his school support its very own soccer club he'll have to recruit enough members to field a team on his own. That's only the beginning of his problems, however, as school officials don't like the idea of having a soccer club. With the help of a talented and mysterious transfer student named Axel, Mark will have to find a way to defeat the best team in Japan or otherwise say goodbye to his soccer dream.

This is the original Inazuma Eleven, which spawned five follow-up titles, three spin-off games, manga, anime, movies, trading card games and so much more. Unfortunately soccer doesn't resound very well with North American audiences, but nevertheless Inazuma Eleven is a hugely significant RPG in the grand scope of gaming history.

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Mar 10, 14 11:09pm

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