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Average Review Score: 4.9/10

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Hotel Transylvania Reviews

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1UP C+ Oct 02 '12
WiiWare Nintendo Life 3/10 Oct 01 '12
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Hotel Transylvania Previews

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Games Radar Aug 20 '12
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1UP on Oct 03 '12

"Hotel Transylvania doesn't reach the lofty heights of the series it's drawn its inspiration from, nor does it live up to the standards WayForward is capable of accomplishing when they're exploring..."

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Games Radar on Aug 21 '12

"Hotel Transylvania is one lucky cartoon to be getting such a winning adaptation. It’s way more like the classic platformers of the nineties than the half-hearted licensed games that were so common..."

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WiiWare Nintendo Life on Oct 01 '12

"Hotel Transylvania had strong potential to overcome the stigma of movie tie-in games, but with clumsy controls, repetitive gameplay, and a front-to-back experience lasting less than three hours,..."

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