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Average Review Score: 6.2/10

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James Noir's Hollywood Crimes Reviews

website score publish date
Adventure Gamers 2.5/5 Jan 13 '12
Cubed3 6/10 Nov 26 '11
D+PAD 3/5 Feb 03 '12
Gamespot 7/10 Nov 29 '11
Gaming-Age D Nov 30 '11
Metro 5/10 Dec 05 '11
Nintendo World Report 7.5/10 Nov 21 '11
NZGamer 6/10 Dec 07 '11
PALGN 6/10 Nov 24 '11
WiiWare Nintendo Life 7/10 Nov 26 '11
Nintendo The Official Magazine 76% Nov 25 '11
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Adventure Gamers on Jul 02 '12

"There isn’t much glitz or glamour in James Noir's Hollywood Crimes, a puzzle-adventure with low production values and repetitive puzzles that even an interesting murder mystery can’t overcome."

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Cubed3 on Jul 02 '12

"Ubisoft’s stab at claiming some of the market share from Level-5’s immensely popular series could have been a positive one, yet instead whilst still enjoyable it proves to be a lacklustre alternative."

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D+PAD on Jul 02 '12

"This isn’t a criminal case of shovelware, but we can’t give it a full stamp of approval either… and so whether it’s worth investigating depends greatly on how much you enjoy playing portable..."

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Gamespot on Jun 29 '12

"James Noir's Hollywood Crimes is a bit rough around the edges, but it offers some fun, quirky puzzling."

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Gaming-Age on Jul 02 '12

"Overall, I feel like it’s a pretty poor entry on the 3DS, and it would have been better off as a simple collection of puzzles than something enveloped in a poorly told noir tale."

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