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Echo Village has seen better days... Just as you've moved in, almost everyone else has moved away to greener pastures. It's your job to bring everybody back by making the town appealing again, and giving Echo Village a new beginning!

Game Play

Customization is King

For the first time in series history, you can completely customize your character's appearance! Choose your character's gender, skin color, facial expression, hairstyle, and much, much more! You even go to the tailor and have them make new outfits for you!

Don't like where your crops and barn are on your farm? Easy! Just pick them up and move them! Yes, it's really that easy to customize your farm in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning!

In addition to the ability to customize your character's and farm's appearance, you can also create tons of new additions for your farm, house, and Echo Village! Build park benches and topiary for the local citizens, a pet house for your farm, and exotic wallpaper and furniture for your house! A New Beginning features new animals like llamas and yaks, new crops to harvest, and new characters to meet and woo!


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Mar 28, 15 10:57pm
do u guys recomend this over other HM games out there? or shuld i wait for the 2 new ones sopose to be released this year? HarvestMoon3DANewBeginning 3DS
Feb 28, 15 5:52pm
Love this game! :) So addictive HarvestMoon3DANewBeginning 3DS
Feb 25, 15 12:31pm
Love it, but not for those who get stressed. HarvestMoon3DANewBeginning 3DS
Sep 13, 13 3:38pm
it's a really cool game HarvestMoon3DANewBeginning 3DS
Aug 03, 13 12:53am
when will this be avaliable in australia? i am a huge HM fan HarvestMoon3DANewBeginning 3DS
Mar 17, 13 6:40pm
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It is better then the last Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns HarvestMoon3DANewBeginning 3DS
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Natsume is celebrating 15 years of Harvest Moon with a special edition package of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning... posted Aug 28, 12 12:16pm

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