The world would be a better place if all games were more like HarmoKnight -- filled with rhythm and child-like glee. HarmoKnight is a title made by Pokemon developer Game Freak, perhaps made during a break time between the yearly Pokemon releases. HarmoKnight is completely unlike Pokemon, instead taking on a 2D rhythm game nature where the player goes on a quest to save the world, striking down his adorable foes to the beat of the music.

A boy named Tempo is caught up in an adventure one day when a meteor crashes on his planet of Melodia, reintroducing the evil Gargan and the army of the Noizoids. Tempo discovers a mysterious staff, empowering him to take on the Noizoids, and his master Woodwin tasks him with delivering the staff to the city of Symphony City. Of course, along the way Tempo discovers that he and the staff are much more attached than it initially seemed.

Each stage of HarmoKnight looks like it might be a 2D platformer, as Tempo leaps and strikes like any Sonic or Castlvania game. However, the gameplay actually only involves the player tapping certain buttons in tempo with certain cues on-screen. If the notes are hit on-time then Tempo will perform the action necessary of him flawlessly. Levels typically involve introduction sections to get a player used to a new button press or odd tempo, followed by boss stages that press the player to use all of the skills they've learned up to that point.

HarmoKnight was the first tile made by Game Freak as they began allowing teams within the studio to experiment with small side-projects. The second game to be developed in this way is the upcoming Solitiba, but hopefully Game Freak has plans for a HarmoKnight sequel down the line, too.

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