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Traverse the Ghoul Realm, build your powers and abilities and take on the Destroyers’ King Breager!

A long time ago, the Ghoul Realm barely escaped great peril. A large army of powerful beings called Destroyers came from a neighboring universe, overpowering the creatures of the Ghoul Realm. Just when everyone had given up hope, a great fire swept over the Realm, wiping out the Destroyers' army.

Several hundred years have passed, and the Realm is threatened once again. As the gargoyle...
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Release Date (North America):Aug 25, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Aug 25, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jun 29, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Aug 25, 2011 submit new
Perspective:Top Down,Flat side view submit new
Themes:None submit new
Publisher:Capcom submit new
Developer:Capcom submit new
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Alternate Titles:Red Arremer: Makai-Mura Gaiden (Japan)
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