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For generations, the nations of Magvel have lived in perfect peace. Now, defying all reason, the Grado Empire has invaded neighboring Renais. Twin heirs to the throne of Renais, Eirika and Ephraim fight to free their kingdom and uncover the secret behind their former ally’s treachery.

This game was originally released as a 3DS Ambassador title.
Thrawn and 8 others played Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
This it 3202BE6B 0063 for slot 1 unit 1 FireEmblemTheSacredStones GBA
This is cheat for FESS INF ITEM: FireEmblemTheSacredStones GBA
shan780 and 15 others own Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Ah Fire Emblem, the all time best video game! Does anyone even come on here anymore? FireEmblemTheSacredStones GBA
I don't know what Lukas is on about, this is the better of the GBA Fire Emblems :3 FireEmblemTheSacredStones GBA
On my third file - about halfway through. Need more FE titles now! FireEmblemTheSacredStones 3DS
Ah, a fun game. The split makes it a bit more enjoyable on later playthroughs. FireEmblemTheSacredStones GBA
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