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Fire Emblem 3DS is the latest in the Fire Emblem series. It will feature a two player co-op. The game follows the story of Krom of the Holy Kingdom of Iris and the player character (who serves as tactician). The appearance of the mysterious Marth, who is remembered as a hero of the past, embroils their destinies with another legend involving the return of twin dragons, one who is known as the "sacred ally of mankind" while the other is marked as man's destroyer.

Game Play

The core "weapon triangle" gameplay mechanic returns, forcing players to carefully choose which units to commit to battles against enemies. This becomes more important as more than one unit (allied or enemy) can participate in any given battle if they are close enough to provide support. Two different difficulty levels allow the player to choose if their units are permanently lost for the duration of the current game if they fall in battle, just as in the classic Fire Emblem titles.


  • Branching unit promotions, allowing characters to change into a variety of classes
  • Traverse the world using the Free Map system and visit different locales
  • Customize the player character, who is represented in-game as "My Unit"
  • Form a romantic bond with another unit and raise a child who will become a new recruitable ally

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    To tell you the truth, I've been waiting for this game to release here in the US since its release...


    This was my first Fire Emblem game I have ever played. I didn't even know this series exsisted...


    Use of 3D technology:
    When it comes to 3DS games, one of the most important factors (to me), is the...


    For starters I have never played a Fire Emblem game in my life before so review is written from...


    Fire Emblem: Awakening is the long-awaited thirteenth installment of the popular Fire Emblem...

    Maribelle has had terrible stat growths so far. :( Also, the Bonus Box is awesome. FireEmblemAwakening 3DS
    Currently training up Lucina and Gerome together. FireEmblemAwakening 3DS
    Just recruited Owain and Inigo! FireEmblemAwakening 3DS
    Currently going about getting some good skills for everyone! FireEmblemAwakening 3DS
    Plot has been consistently solid. Defeated Walhart! FireEmblemAwakening 3DS
    So many classes to consider! Trying to use most of the characters that have joined me. Impressed with the plot still. :) FireEmblemAwakening 3DS
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