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Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker is the 3DS remake of the original DS strategy RPG spin-off of Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei series. Devil Survivor 2 is set in modern Japan which has come under attack from both demons of legend and otherworldly invaders called Septentriones. The player character and his friends awaken to the ability to summon these demons after installing a mysterious app from a website that claims to be able to predict the deaths of friends.

The player will travel across Japan to seek and recruit new allies based on predictions of deaths from this website but because time is limited resource in the game, the player will often be forced to make important decisions over who they can ultimate meet and what they can accomplish.

The turn-based battles occur at key destinations on the world map, and take place on isometric battlefields with grid-based movement and attack ranges. Players are assisted by both party members and demons they summon into combat. Demons can be recruited during battle, purchased from an in-game auction network, or created by fusing existing demons together using the summoning program.

Record Breaker includes all the content from the original game, plus a brand new scenario which players can access immediately or after experiencing the original storyline first which promises to double the content from the DS release. The localized release of Record Breaker will feature fully voiced dialog for both existing and new content.

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