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Sequel to the Wii's goopy platformer, de Blob, THQ's de Blob: The Undergound promises new moves, new foes, and new 2D platforming segments for our trusty hero of justice, Blob.

The second game in THQ's de Blob series now heads to 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Dark Arcanine
Jan 29, 12 11:41pm
I have this but... it's just not de Blob the way the original is. They removed the good and added the bad. DeBlob2 X360
Dark Arcanine
Feb 25, 11 9:30am
I really, really want this... but I probably won't get it for several months yet. DeBlob2 X360
Emaster MK
Feb 24, 11 9:42pm
added 6 new concept art
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