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Product Wiki Description:What the world needs now is Japanese hack 'n' slash action games starring female protagonists wearing iron bikinis, isn't it? Well, whether it does or does't, that's exactly what Code of Princess delivers. Made by Agatsuma Entertainment with animation help from the anime studio Bones, Code of Princess features at least fifty playable characters and several different game modes. The main focus however is of course the single-player story.

Code of Princess is the story of Princess Solange...
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Release Date (North America):Oct 9, 2012 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Mar 28, 2013 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Apr 19, 2012 submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective:Flat side view submit new
Themes:Anime, Fantasy, Medieval submit new
Publisher:Atlus submit new
Developer:Agatsuma Entertainment submit new
Online Co-op:4 max submit new
Offline Co-op:4 max submit new
Online Multiplayer:4 max submit new
Offline Multiplayer:4 max submit new
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