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Bravely Second is the sequel to Silicon Studios and Square Enix's fantasy RPG for the 3DS. In Bravely Second, players will take control of a new party of heroes called the "Three Musketeers" who serve the Crystal Orthodoxy following the events of the first game. The three main characters are joined by the mysterious heroine Magnolia, a "Devil Buster" who claims to be from the moon, and together they must rescue the Orthodoxy's Agnes Oblige from a new threat, Emperor Oblivion and the new Asterisk holders under his command.

Bravely Second builds on the gameplay of the first title, based around world map exploration with destinations to visit to progress the storyline. Battles continue to be turn-based and revolve around judicious use of the Brave and Default commands. New to Bravely Second is being able to "chain" encounters should players be capable of defeating enemies in the first turn for greater rewards alongside greater risk.

Players will also once again have the opportunity to help rebuild a community in a minigame where townspeople can be recruited via 3DS StreetPass to help with the reconstruction effort.

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