Square Enix’s highly-acclaimed fantasy RPG brings deep, strategic combat to the Nintendo 3DS™ & 2DS™ systems by pairing turn-based battles with an innovative new risk/reward system. Embark on a visually stunning journey through the hand-drawn land of Luxendarc as Tiz Arrior and other memorable characters. You'll need magic and muscle to fight through waves of menacing foes and restore balance to the world.

The new Brave and Default system gives you greater control over over when and how you fight your battles, and you can combine more than twenty jobs with hundreds of different abilities. You can also summon friends' characters to help you fight via WiFi, and recruit workers with the StreetPass™ feature to rebuild Tiz’s destroyed village. Be part of the community in this fresh take on the single player RPG!


  • A unique, innovative twist on turn-based combat
  • Complex, lovable characters in a top-tier RPG
  • Time your turns tactically with the new Brave and Default system
  • Summon your friend’s characters to fight by your side, or borrow their abilities*
  • Form flexible strategies by combining 20+ jobs with hundreds of abilities
  • Acquire StreetPass™ tags and use them to gain access to powerful equipment and items in-game
  • Evocative music and gorgeous hand-drawn watercolor backgrounds with 3D elements

Game Play

  • Dare to risk everything in battle: Calculated risk and reward are central to the battles in Bravely Default. As you wander the landscape of Luxendarc, enemies will take the fight to you when you least expect it— so you need to be ready with a well-balanced team and sound strategies.
  • Breaking down the battle: Bravely Default offers turn-based battles with a twist. You'll find a wealth of traditional moves and abilities at your disposal, and also innovative game play mechanics—like the Brave, Default, and Bravely Second commands—that enhance battles in new ways.
  • Brave & Default: Success in combat demands that you wisely manage your Brave Points (BP). When you enter a battle, you can elect to Default—which partially shields you from attacks and builds up BP—or to Brave—which spends BP to unleash multiple attacks at once. If you unleash your Brave attacks at the right time, you can defeat tough enemies quickly, preserve the health of your party members and gain bonus points towards jobs and experience.
  • Bravely Second: In addition to Brave Points, your characters can use Sleep Points (SP) to freeze time for your enemies during battle with the Bravely Second command. It's a powerful tool, but you should use it sparingly—you need to put your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system in Sleep Mode to slowly build up your SP.
  • Special Moves: Each weapon has special moves that you can make your own with customized names. You can also create a battle cry for when you unleash the move in combat. Assign your move to your profile, and then exchange it with other Bravely Default players via the StreetPass feature.
  • Summon help with StreetPass: Thanks to the unique connectivity features of the Nintendo 3DS & 2DS systems, you can call on your friends to help you out in the wilds on Luxendarc.
  • Rebuild Norende: Collect villagers via the StreetPass feature, then put them to work rebuilding the village of Norende, which was recently consumed by The Great Chasm. Manage the reconstruction by assigning villagers to specific projects. The more villagers you find, the faster Tiz will get his hometown back.

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  • Genre: Fantasy RPG (3DS)
  • Theme(s): Steampunk
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaFeb 7, 2014
    EuropeDec 6, 2013
    JapanOct 11, 2012
    AustraliaDec 7, 2013
  • Also known as:
  • Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in Japan
  • Bravely Default: Where The Fairy Flies in Europe
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