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Asphalt 3D Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Game Chronicles Magazine 3/10 Apr 13 '11
Game Informer 3/10 Mar 29 '11
Game Revolution D Apr 22 '11
Games Radar 3/10 Mar 25 '11 C- Apr 18 '11
GameSpot 5.5/10 Mar 29 '11
IGN DS 3/10 Mar 27 '11
Metro 3/10 Mar 25 '11
Nintendo The Official Magazine 70% Mar 25 '11
Nintendo World Report 2/10 Apr 24 '11
TBreak 4.5/10 May 18 '11
Videogame Talk 4/5 Apr 11 '11 4/10 Mar 25 '11
WiiWare Nintendo Life 5/10 Mar 27 '11
Worthplaying 6.0/10 Jul 04 '11
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Quoted from Asphalt 3D Reviews:
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"Asphalt 3D is a game that was a wasted opportunity, and it bothers me to see content being confused for quality. This is a game with a lot of content. It’s got multiplayer, loads of game modes, tons of car unlocks, and custom parts, but the actual playing of the game fluctuates between boring and aggravating."
"Offering police pursuit races, takedown-focused bouts, and several other modes doesn’t help Asphalt 3D’s cause in the least. It’s a buggy mess, and the controls are awful enough to make it a chore even when the game is functioning correctly. With Ridge Racer also available at launch, there’s no reason whatsoever to play this joke."
"It appears, at a glance, that Asphalt 3D is an incredibly strong launch title. Local multiplayer, plentiful maps, decent graphics, and fast-paced gameplay should all mix together into something worthwhile. It doesn’t take long for everything to fall apart, though, and before long the scratches on the surface turn to full-blown gashes."
"Not only is it the worst game of the 3DS' launch line-up, it's a contender for the title of 'worst launch game of all time'. Worse than Pen Pen. Worse than Tama. Worse even than Altered Beast. Do I really need to say it? Avoid."
"Asphalt 3D is nothing more than a checked box on the Nintendo 3DS launch lineup list. Apart from its genre there’s nothing that makes it stand out in the launch library, and within its genre there’s nothing that makes it unique. This game is entirely skippable unless you’re desperate for a 3D arcade racer, but even then it's best to wait to see what else the 3DS has in store down the road."