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Skullgirls Encore will be expanding its horizons this year when Lab Zero Games releases the... posted 2 days ago

I absolutely love Danganronpa. It's one of my favorite games on the PS Vita, and I couldn't be... posted Yesterday

Here we have NIS America's second Anime Expo announcement. Criminal Girls: Invite Only is an... posted Jul 07, 14 2:42pm

NIS America doesn't just localize video games, they localize anime as well. It should come as... posted Jul 07, 14 11:09am

Addicted, addicted, addicted. Oh, did I mention that I was addicted? ChildOfLight PS Vita
Does anyone else like this game? Borderlands2 PS Vita

Bless NIS America. Bless their wonderful localizing hearts. Natural Doctrine now has a release... posted Jun 30, 14 11:18am

I made a city server on minecraft for ps3 and if anyone wants to join add mrcool9500 or ntrouble247 MinecraftPlayStation3Edition PS3

Tecmo Koei today confirmed WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate for September release in North America.... posted Jun 27, 14 11:51am

Here's an interesting oddity for Danganronpa fans in North America. More information has been... posted Jun 26, 14 11:29am