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Skullgirls Encore will be expanding its horizons this year when Lab Zero Games releases the... posted 3 days ago

Alien: Isolation looks appropriately terrifying, but why not throw in some of the original... posted 2 days ago

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is about more than just loud explosions, as we learn in the... posted Jul 09, 14 7:49am

Ubisoft confirms sales for the first quarter of its fiscal 2014-15 year rose 374 percent... posted 2 days ago

The Dragon Age: Inquisition spotlight is currently on one Lady Josephine Montilyet, a... posted 3 days ago

Lords of the Fallen will officially be coming out in time for Halloween, on October 28. Brace... posted Jul 09, 14 7:06am

Bungie announced three several versions of Destiny just yesterday, but why not follow up with a... posted Jul 08, 14 7:19pm

The first season of The Wolf Among Us is now over. Cry Wolf, the fifth and final episode of the... posted Jul 08, 14 6:08pm

Bungie today confirmed that the Destiny beta will kick off July 17, first on PlayStation... posted Jul 07, 14 10:41am

Considering Destiny is all about the loot drops and looking like a badass, it wouldn't make... posted Jul 07, 14 9:57am

Kicking off Bungie Day with an awesome beta trailer Destiny PS4

While the US is celebrating their Independence Day, BioWare dropped a somewhat new Dragon Age:... posted Jul 04, 14 12:21pm

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