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Due out later this year, a new Arkham shall rise. Batman: Arkham Knight will grace the new... posted 3 days ago

The NPD Group's monthly software top ten list is ablaze once more with new titles that didn't... posted 2 days ago

In today's Sony announcement that the PlayStation 4 had reached 7 million in sales they also... posted 2 days ago

Over a month ago Sony was quite delighted to report that PlayStation 4 hardware sales hit 6... posted 3 days ago

wrote a user review for Battlefield 4 (PS4)


Battlefield 4 is similar to it's predicessor in many ways, the game plays the same except for a...

Late last night, American composer Martin O'Donnell announced he had been fired from Bungie... posted Apr 16, 14 1:58pm

Do you boys like motorcycles? Well too bad, because motorcycles are dangerous and only old,... posted Apr 16, 14 9:55am

Child of Light has already established itself to be one of the prettiest games of the current... posted Apr 14, 14 6:25pm

BioWare hasn't exactly kept a clean record when it comes to proper DLC practices. However,... posted Apr 14, 14 4:29pm

Evolve is still months away, if not more, but PAX East this weekend saw the release of some new... posted Apr 14, 14 1:18pm

Hot on the heals of the robust Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's 2.2 "Through the Maelstrom"... posted Apr 14, 14 10:18am

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