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The Squaresoft and Enix merger was something of a curse for the JRPG genre – while it's nice that...

I actually have this for Wii, not xbox? lol GuitarHeroWorldTour X360
Nice game for the Sims 2. You can't have children though, so if you buy, buy it for PC. TheSims2Pets GC
Nice game, never beat it though. I loved Spryo when I was younger. SpyroEnterTheDragonfly GC
Really fun game, even if you are older! Everyone likes Fairly Odd Parents! TheFairlyOddParentsShadowShowdown GC
Actually a hilarious game for those who love Spongebob. SpongeBobSquarePantsRevengeOfTheFlyingDutchman GC
Honestly, this was my brothers choice. Not a big fan. SpiderManTheMovie GC
Great game, just couldn't get into it. SonicHeroes GC
The Sonic series takes more attention to kids than adults, and cussing and gun violence was inappropriate for kids. ShadowTheHedgehog GC
Soooo much fun. Still play it every now and then. DisneySExtremeSkateAdventure GC
Wish they would do a remake, loved it. TheSimsBustinOut GBA