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League of Legends players, let me introduce everyone to Braum. The next champion to enter the... posted 13 hours ago

Got an email with a key for this weekends Beta. 2legit WildStar PC

Lords of the Fallen isn't meant to be a walk in the park for gamers used to bumming their way... posted 13 hours ago

I have high hopes for this, please be as awesome as 1 and not as bad as 2. DragonAgeInquisition PC

GRID 2 developers Codemasters feel like the experience they were trying to create has been left... posted 18 hours ago

This is all Anders' fault. Dragon Age: Inquisition's box art release yesterday teased a breach... posted 20 hours ago

'/|\MELT/|\' clan is looking for Call Of Duty Ghost PC players! To join the clan you have to have an overall K/D ratio over 1.100! CallOfDutyGhosts PC

Ultra Street Fighter IV, one of the best ways to take out your anger on friends, enemies, or... posted 2 days ago

Dragon Age: Inquisitions will be out this fall, and today EA and BioWare released the finalized... posted 2 days ago