Latest DS Updates

I have; Katy Perry Showtime, Seasons, Supernatural, University Life, Generations, Pets, Island Paradise, Town Life, Ambitions. TheSims3 PC
Its fun, but you can't appreciate it if you have played it on PC. TheSims3 X360
I actually have this for Wii, not xbox? lol GuitarHeroWorldTour X360
Nice game for the Sims 2. You can't have children though, so if you buy, buy it for PC. TheSims2Pets GC
Still love this. Play it every now and then. NintendogsDalmatianandFriends DS
Great game for kids, was one of my favorites back when I was one. ImagineAnimalDoctor DS
Planning on playing again soon. Never could get into it due to graphics. HarvestMoonSunshineIslands DS
Wasn't my favorite AC game. AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
Awesome game. Hoping for a 3DS sequel. DrawnToLife DS
Was obsessed with Hannah Montana when I was a kid. Fun game for little girls. HannahMontana DS
Played for the first time in forever last night. Actually enjoyed it. ZooTycoon2DS DS
Never could figure this game out. PawsandClawsPetResort DS