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In need of help with IV Calculation. PokemonY 3DS
I have; Katy Perry Showtime, Seasons, Supernatural, University Life, Generations, Pets, Island Paradise, Town Life, Ambitions. TheSims3 PC
Love that you can have horses. TheSims3Pets PC
Fun, but better on PC. TheSims3Pets X360
Its fun, but you can't appreciate it if you have played it on PC. TheSims3 X360
GREAT game for those who grew up with Sonic. Only those 90's babies can appreciate it. SonicGenerations X360
Love it, but not for those who get stressed. HarvestMoon3DANewBeginning 3DS
Not played it much, but it is fun. I just don't play Pokemon a lot. PokemonAlphaSapphire 3DS
Favorite Zelda game so far. Loved it. Beat it in a week. TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds 3DS
Half way through the game, and I love it! Although I have had to look at a lot of walkthroughs before I lose my mind from thinking so hard. TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask3D 3DS
Haven't beat it yet, and honestly have not played it much. I plan to though once I beat Majoras Mask. Heard great things about it. TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime3D 3DS
I got a lvl 65 darkrai... Looking for shinys ^.^ PokemonAlphaSapphire 3DS

NIS America, when it wasn't busy swooning over Disgaea 5 or continuing the Danganronpa hype... posted Feb 20, 15 3:00am

Hey, I need a Protean Froakie. Can anyone help out? :) PokemonY 3DS