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How can I send my islanders to other islands? TomodachiLife 3DS
where does the tram in couriway town go? PokemonY 3DS
Looking for a ditto friend safari pm me friend code is 3454-2173-9142 thanks PokemonX 3DS

That CoroCoro magazine from Japan is at it again, leaking another Mega Evolution for the posted Jul 10, 14 11:01am

Having a really fun time with this game, just a great platformer: ShovelKnight Wii U

No one is going to be prepared for our Pokemon-Animal Crossing hybrid overlords. A meshing of... posted Jul 09, 14 9:29am

Super Secret Bases are back in Pokemon OMAS! PokemonAlphaSapphire 3DS

For those looking forward to having Secret Bases back in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, you're gonna be happy to know that they will be back. You are able to create your own secret base the way that you want it, with your own decorations where...

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