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Fantasy Life gets another (positive!) preview FantasyLife 3DS

From Warrior to Lumberjack: the life of Fantasy Life. Fantasy Life, Level 5's latest upcoming title for the Nintendo 3DS, gets another positive preview - this time from Fantasy Life's plethora of varied lives gives every player enter...

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley gets its first male and female marriage candidates HarvestMoonTheLostValley 3DS

Meet Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley's first revealed bachelor/bachelorette. After having established a relationship with potential spouses in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, the option of marriage will arise. The first bachelorette announced is Emily,...

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia gets two new videos, focusing on Marta and Emil TalesOfTheWorldReveUnitia 3DS

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia just released two new gameplay videos, still entirely showcasing discussion between different characters; this time, Emil and Marta, protagonist duo from Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World. More importantly to sp...

Anyone have the event shiny jirachi? Really me please! PokemonX 3DS
Get Heracross or Pinsir at GameStop starting August 13 PokemonX 3DS

The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo have announced today that starting on August 13 in the United States and Canada, Pokemon players will be able to get Pinsir or Heracross, depending on which game you have.

Monster Hunter 4U will have no region block between NA and EU MonsterHunter4 3DS

Fans of Monster Hunter's online play will be ecstatic to hear that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will not be region-locked between North American and Europe. North Americans will successfully be able to play online and locally with European players, and...

do anybody got blazikenite and tyranitarite PokemonX 3DS

In spite of newfound optimism that arose from the early retail success of titles like Mario... posted 2 days ago

Nintendo 3DS owners are being handed an opportunity that many professionals yearn for, and this... posted Jul 29, 14 9:18am

does anyone have a poison friend safari with muk or grimer please i really need it PokemonX 3DS
Anyone having an Zapdos and/or Articuno? PokemonY 3DS
The combat in this game is actually looking pretty sweet! TheLegendOfKorra PS4

The Capcom booth never fails to attract a crowd at San Diego Comic-Con, and while Street... posted Jul 24, 14 3:01pm

According to a recent Nintendo 3DS eShop listing by Nintendo, it looks like Super Smash Bros.... posted Jul 25, 14 10:18am

Skylanders Trap Team is spending the week in San Diego, their booth on the show floor... posted Jul 24, 14 11:28am

[image30 link=yes width=650 height=366] Disney Interactive confirms that Marvel's Guardians... posted Jul 23, 14 11:05am