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Despite the date, Humble Bundle ain't selling no jokes! Today they've launched the Humble... posted Apr 01, 14 12:14pm

11 bit studios, known for the Anomaly series, is back with This War Of Mine. Gamers are used... posted Mar 12, 14 10:08pm

Indie studio Yacht Club Games can confirm that game development is a rough gig. As awesome as... posted Mar 12, 14 2:52pm

I backed this game day one because (1) it’s a tactical turn-based party cRPG based on a good ruleset, (2) the physics stuff looks really cool, (3) there will be multiple choice branching dialogues with lots of opportunities to use bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate skills (4) it’s a "create your own party" RPG, which is rare these days… Subterranea PC Subterranea Linux

Have you ever wondered what a school of dolphins looks like? Look no further than... posted Mar 05, 14 6:50pm

MixedBag announced forma.8 Friday. The Italian indie developer created forma.8 out of a small... posted Mar 03, 14 1:29am

The Indie Cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun Returns got its first DLC release today titled "Dragonfall". It features a brand new full length campaign and new save system for $14.99 on Steam - but you need not pay that full price tag because GMG has a 20% off coupon. Coupon also works on SRR. Unlocks in about an hour. Can't wait! ShadowrunDragonfall PC
Video 1 in the Extended Gameplay trailer series. Looking good! Wasteland2 PC
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