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About the Company

Zombie VR Studios is an interactive design and development studio based in Seattle. Specializing in realtime 3D games, they also design websites, interactive adverts, music videos and location based entertainment rides.

Popular Games by Zombie Studios

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Games Developed By Zombie Studios

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
Blacklight: Retribution ActionApr 02, 12
Blacklight: Tango Down ActionOct 26, 10
Daylight Adventure1st Quarter 14
Delta Force: Task Force Dagger StrategyJun 27, 02
Rogue Warrior ActionDec 01, 09
Saw ActionOct 06, 09
Saw II: Flesh & Blood ActionOct 19, 10
Shadow Ops: Red Mercury ActionJun 15, 04
Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025 Action1st Quarter 01
SpecOps 2 Operation Bravo StrategyOct 31, 99
SpecOps II Green Berets StrategyNov 07, 99
Super Bubble Pop ArcadeDec 24, 02
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