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Silicon dreams is a UK based entertainment software developer. Silicon Dreams creates titles not only for the PC, but for the PSX also. Best known for its Dogs of War and UEFA Champions League video games.

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Games Developed By Silicon Dreams

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
Dogs of War StrategyAug 03, 00
Freestyle Street Soccer SportsFeb 02, 04
Lego Island AdventureNov 26, 97
Lego Island 2 Role-PlayingOct 01, 01
Lego Soccer Mania SportsJun 18, 02
Mia Hamm Soccer SportsNov 09, 00
Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 SportsDec 01, 99
The Shadow of Aten Action4th Quarter 07
UEFA Champions League 99/00 SportsMarch 00
UEFA Champions League Season 2001/2002 SportsNov 24, 02
Urban Freestyle Soccer SportsFeb 13, 04
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