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Video Game Developer

About the Company

Founded in 1986, Realtime Associates has released over 80 titles. Realtime Associates has developed products for the Sony Playstation; Nintendo 64; Sega Saturn; Super Nintendo; Sega Genesis; NEC TurboGrpahics; Sega Pico; Nintendo Game Boy/Game Boy Color; and the original Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as PC and Macintosh platforms.

Popular Games by Realtime Associates

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Games Developed By Realtime Associates

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
AAAHH! Real Monsters ActionSep 15, 95
Aahh!!! Real Monsters ActionJan 01, 95
All-Star Baseball 2000 SportsMay 01, 99
BattleStations SimulationJan 01, 97
Bug! Action
Charlie Blast's Territory Classic & PuzzleApr 02, 99
Dick Tracy ActionAugust 90
Gex: Enter the Gecko AdventureAug 01, 98
Intellivision Lives! ArcadeNov 18, 03
Normy's Beach Babe-o-Rama ActionMar 18, 94
Rocketeer ActionFeb 11, 91
Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt AdventureJun 29, 99
Warlock ActionMay 14, 94
Word Zap Classic & Puzzle
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