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QUANTIC DREAM was founded in 1997 by David CAGE. Since its creation, our studio has gained international recognition for its contribution to interactive narration and its fresh thinking on emotion in games. We believe that games should be more than toys, a new type of experience provoking the same level and diversity of emotional responses from audiences as the best movies we've seen.

The studio collaborated in the past with major publishers including Eidos, Vivendi, Microsoft and Atari. We created games like OMIKRON-THE NOMAD SOUL featuring recording artist David Bowie and more recently, FAHRENHEIT (INDIGO PROPHECY in North America). The game was one of the most awarded games of 2005 and was praised for its originality and innovation.

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Games Published By Quantic Dream

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
Detroit: Become HumanAdventure

Games Developed By Quantic Dream

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
Beyond: Two SoulsPlayStation NetworkNov 24, 15
Beyond: Two SoulsAdventureOct 08, 13
Detroit: Become HumanAdventure
Heavy RainAdventureMar 01, 16
Heavy RainAdventureFeb 23, 10
Indigo ProphecyAdventureSep 06, 05
Indigo ProphecyAdventureSep 26, 05
Indigo ProphecyAdventureSep 21, 05
Nomad Soul: The ExodusAdventureJan 01, 01
OmikronAdventureNov 05, 99
OmikronActionJun 22, 00
QuarkAdventure4th Quarter 00
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