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About the Company

Based in Spain, Pyro Studios develops games for PC and current console systems. They're best known for their tactical strategy series "Commandos".

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Games Developed By Pyro Studios

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
Commandos 2: Men of Courage StrategySep 19, 01
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin StrategySep 01, 03
Commandos Strike Force ActionApr 04, 06
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines StrategyAug 27, 98
Commandos: Platinum Collection StrategyNov 26, 02
Heart of Stone ActionDecember 01
Imperial Glory StrategyApr 29, 05
Planet 51 ActionNov 17, 09
Praetorians StrategyFeb 25, 03
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