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NEC Interchannel, Ltd.

About the Company

A division of the NEC development group, NEC Interchannel focuses on multimedia creation in a wide variety of formats including PC and console videogames.

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Games Published By NEC Interchannel

Product NameSectionRelease Date
After Burner IIActionMar 22, 90
Aero BlastersActionDec 31, 90
Interlude (Import)Adventure
Air (Import)Adventure
Air (Import)Adventure
KanonAdventureSep 14, 00
Doukyuusei 2 (Import)Adventure
NEC Interchannel NR-9300A/GENCD Drives
CuldceptClassic & PuzzleNov 25, 03
Tube SliderRacingApr 15, 03
Black Matrix Zero (Import)Role-Playing2nd Quarter 04
Black/Matrix (Import)Role-PlayingAug 26, 98
Elysion (Import)Role-Playing
Black/Matrix CrossRole-PlayingDec 14, 00
Shirotsumekusa: Episode of the Clovers (Import)Role-Playing
Majyo no Ojyakai (Import)Role-Playing
Canvas: Sepia Iro no Motif (Import)Role-PlayingApr 10, 03
Illusion: Eikyuu no Sanctuary (Import)Role-PlayingApr 10, 03
Canary: Kono Omoi wo Uta ni nosete (Import)Role-PlayingApr 10, 03
Canary: Kono Omoi wo Uta ni nosete (Import)Role-Playing
Canary: Kono Omoi wo Uta ni nosete (Import)Role-Playing
Sentimental Graffiti (Import)SimulationJan 21, 98
Sentimental Graffiti 2 (Import)SimulationJune 00
Mercurius Pretty: End of the Century (Import)SimulationNov 16, 00
Black Matrix 00 (Import)Strategy2nd Quarter 03
NEC Interchannel MultiSync LCD1550MVideo
NEC Interchannel MultiSync PA272WVideo
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