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Games Published By Midas Interactive Entertainment

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
A-Train 6 (Import) SimulationMar 04, 00
Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter SimulationMar 14, 01
Alarm for Cobra 11: Hot Pursuit Racing
All-Star Slammin' D-Ball SportsFeb 11, 02
Alpine Skiing 2005 Sports
ATV Racers RacingDec 03, 03
BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles ActionMay 31, 00
Black Market Bowling Sports
Boxing Champions Sports
Bust-a-Bloc Classic & Puzzle
California Surfing Sports
Centre Court: Hard Hitter SportsAug 20, 02
Centre Court: Hard Hitter 2 Sports
Cleopatra Fortune Classic & PuzzleMay 13, 03
Crescent Suzuki Racing Racing
Deadly Strike Action
Detonator Classic & Puzzle
Dirt Track Devils Racing
Fighting Fury Action
G-Loop Classic & Puzzle
Go Go Golf SportsNov 28, 02
Golden Age of Racing Racing
GT-R 400 Racing4th Quarter 04
International Cue Club 2 Sports
International Super Karts Racing
Lakemasters EX Sports
League Series Baseball 2 Sports
MaXXed Out Racing Racing
Mr. Golf Sports
Operation Air Assault Action
Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight Action
Project Minerva Action
Rascal Racers RacingMar 15, 04
Realm of the Dead Action
Robot Warlords StrategyAug 09, 00
Rollercoaster World SimulationAug 01, 02
Snowboard Racer 2 Sports
Sports Superbike 2 RacingSep 10, 02
Stealth Force: The War on Terror StrategyJuly 05
Steel Dragon EX Action3rd Quarter 04
The Seed: Warzone Action
The Sniper 2 Action
Ultimate Mind Games Classic & Puzzle

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