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Midas Interactive is a publisher with a developing studio in the UK concentrating on interactive entertainment software for the PC and the playstation. They are known for their work on Castrol Honda Superbike, BHunter, and RW3 Honda Motocross GP.

Popular Games by Midas Interactive

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Games Published By Midas Interactive

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
B-Hunter ActionJanuary 00
Championship Rugby Manager SportsSeptember 01
Checkmate Classic & Puzzle
Cue Club SportsJul 01, 00
Cyberball SportsDec 31, 90
Eternal Quest Role-Playing
Football Generation Sports3rd Quarter 04
G-Surfers RacingJan 15, 03
Gianluca Vialli's European Manager SportsSeptember 01
International Cue Club SportsFeb 28, 03
King of Bowling 2 Sports
Sergei Bubka Sports
Spectral vs. Generation Action
Stock Car Crash Racing
X-treme Express RacingFeb 20, 02

Games Developed By Midas Interactive

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
Alarm for Cobra 11: Hot Pursuit Racing
Alpine Skiing 2005 Sports
Black Market Bowling Sports
California Surfing Sports
Cyberball SportsDec 31, 90
Football Generation Sports3rd Quarter 04
International Cue Club 2 Sports
International Super Karts Racing
Rollercoaster World SimulationAug 01, 02
Stealth Force: The War on Terror StrategyJuly 05
Steel Dragon EX Action3rd Quarter 04
Stock Car Crash Racing
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