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Compaq is one of the largest personal computer manufacturers in the world, and produces complete systems that meet the needs of home computing all the way up to enterprise level business servers.

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Hardware Manufactured By Compaq

Product NameSectionRelease Date
Compaq A1000Printers
Compaq A900Printers
Compaq Aero 1500 Pocket PCSystems
Compaq Aero 2150 Color Palm-size PCSystems
Compaq Armada 100sSystems
Compaq Armada 1500C SeriesSystems
Compaq Armada 1700 SeriesSystems
Compaq Armada 3500 SeriesSystemsSep 23, 99
Compaq Armada 7400 SeriesSystems
Compaq Armada 7800 SeriesSystems
Compaq Armada E500SSystems
Compaq Armada E700 SeriesSystems
Compaq Armada M300 SeriesSystems
Compaq Armada M700 SeriesSystems
Compaq Evo D500 Ultra-slimSystems
Compaq Evo D510 SFFSystems
Compaq Evo N1015vSystemsFeb 15, 03
Compaq Evo N1020vSystems
Compaq EVO N200Systems
Compaq Evo N410cSystems
Compaq Evo N600cSystems
Compaq Evo N800vSystems
Compaq Fingerprint Identification TechnologyInput Devices
Compaq IJ1200Printers
Compaq IJ600Printers
Compaq IJ750Printers
Compaq iPaq Connection Point CP-1Networking1st Quarter 01
Compaq iPaq H3130Systems
Compaq iPAQ H3150SystemsJanuary 01
Compaq iPaq H3600Systems
Compaq iPaq H3650Systems3rd Quarter 00
Compaq iPAQ H3850Systems
Compaq iPAQ H3870Systems
Compaq iPaq PA-1Audio
Compaq iPaq PM-1Audio
Compaq P1210Video
Compaq P700 17" MonitorVideo
Compaq Presario 1200 SeriesSystems
Compaq Presario 1400 SeriesSystems3rd Quarter 00
Compaq Presario 1600 SeriesSystemsSep 23, 99
Compaq Presario 1800 SeriesSystems
Compaq Presario 1900 SeriesSystemsSep 23, 99
Compaq Presario 300 SeriesSystems
Compaq Presario 4000Systems
Compaq Presario 5000 SeriesSystems
Compaq Prosignia 150Systems
Compaq Prosignia 165Systems
Compaq Prosignia 170Systems
Compaq S 920 19" CRTVideo4th Quarter 01
Compaq S7500Video
Compaq S900 19" MonitorVideoOct 06, 99
Compaq TFT 5005Video
Compaq TFT 7010Video
Compaq TFT5010Video
Compaq TFT5030Video
Compaq TFT8020Video
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