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About the Company

Chaintech is one of 10 largest motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan, the "epicenter" of motherboard suppliers. In addition to motherboards, they produce video and sound cards.

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Hardware Manufactured By Chaintech

Product NameSectionRelease Date
Chaintech 5AGM2Motherboards1st Quarter 98
Chaintech 7AJAMotherboards
Chaintech 7AJA2Motherboards
Chaintech 7NIF2 SummitMotherboards
Chaintech 7NJS Ultra ZenithMotherboards
Chaintech 7NJS ZenithMotherboardsJanuary 03
Chaintech 7SIDMotherboardsJuly 01
Chaintech 7VJL ApogeeMotherboardsJul 08, 02
Chaintech 9BIAMotherboards
Chaintech 9BIFMotherboards
Chaintech 9BJAMotherboards
Chaintech 9CJS ZenithMotherboardsJan 22, 04
Chaintech 9EJL1 ApogeeMotherboards
Chaintech 9EJS1 ZenithMotherboards
Chaintech 9PJL APOGEEMotherboards
Chaintech 9PJL2 Apogee SilverMotherboardsFeb 01, 04
Chaintech 9SJDMotherboards
Chaintech A-FX20 GeForce FX 5200 128MBVideo Cards
Chaintech A-FX60-X 128MBVideo Cards
Chaintech A-FX60-X 256MBVideo Cards
Chaintech A-FX71 GeForce FX 5600 UltraVideo Cards
Chaintech A-FX98 128MBVideo Cards
Chaintech A-G320 GeForce3 Ti200Video Cards
Chaintech A-G321 GeForce3 Ti200Video Cards
Chaintech A-G440Video Cards
Chaintech A-G441Video Cards
Chaintech A-G442 64MBVideo Cards
Chaintech A-GT21Video Cards
Chaintech A-GT61 SEVideo Cards
Chaintech A-GX20Video Cards
Chaintech A-GX21Video Cards
Chaintech A-S440 128MBVideo Cards
Chaintech A865PEMotherboards
Chaintech AE78GTVideo Cards
Chaintech Apogee GT Blazer PC3-14400 KitMemory
Chaintech Apogee GT PC2-6400 KitMemory
Chaintech Apogee GT PC2-9200 KitMemory
Chaintech Apogee GT PC3-15000 Triple Channel KitMemory
Chaintech CT-5ATAMotherboards
Chaintech CT-5RSAMotherboards
Chaintech CT-5SSVMotherboards
Chaintech CT-6AIAMotherboards
Chaintech CT-6AJA4Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6AJR4Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6ATA2Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6ATA4Motherboards1st Quarter 00
Chaintech CT-6BTMLMotherboards
Chaintech CT-6CTA2Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6OJA3Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6OJVMotherboards
Chaintech CT-6OJV2Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6VJDMotherboards
Chaintech CT-6VJD2Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6WEX2Motherboards
Chaintech CT-6WIVMotherboards
Chaintech CT-6ZIAMotherboards
Chaintech CT-7AIAMotherboards
Chaintech CT-7AIV2Motherboards
Chaintech CT-7KJDMotherboards1st Quarter 01
Chaintech CT-7VJDMotherboards3rd Quarter 01
Chaintech CT-7VJD2Motherboards3rd Quarter 01
Chaintech CT-7VJDAMotherboards4th Quarter 01
Chaintech Desperado AGP-RI70 Geforce 256Video CardsMay 00
Chaintech Desperado AGP-RI90Video Cards
Chaintech Desperado AGP-RI91Video Cards
Chaintech Desperado AGP-RI93Video Cards
Chaintech Desperado AGP-RIA2Video Cards
Chaintech Desperado AGP-RIA4Video Cards
Chaintech GeForce 6600 GT AGPVideo Cards
Chaintech GeForce 8600 GTSVideo Cards
Chaintech GeForce 9600 GT OCVideo Cards
Chaintech GeForce AA6800Video CardsOct 05, 04
Chaintech GeForce AE6800Video Cards
Chaintech GeForce FX 5600 Personal CinemaVideo Cards
Chaintech GeForce FX AA5700UVideo Cards
Chaintech GeForce FX AA5700UAVideo Cards
Chaintech GeForce FX SA5900XVideo CardsJun 15, 04
Chaintech MK8T890Motherboards
Chaintech S1689Motherboards
Chaintech SA5500Video Cards
Chaintech SA5700U 128MBVideo Cards
Chaintech SA5950UVideo Cards
Chaintech SK8T800Motherboards
Chaintech SKT600Motherboards
Chaintech VideoExcel AG-RIA2Video Cards
Chaintech VNF3-250 Zenith-ValueMotherboards
Chaintech VNF4/Ultra ZENITH VEMotherboards
Chaintech Zenith V915PMotherboards
Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZenithMotherboardsDec 30, 03
Chaintech ZNF3-250GB Pro ZenithMotherboards
* This is a listing of items catalogued by Neoseeker. Chaintech may have many products beyond these.
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