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"Sega R&D AM2" game development department was merged with CSK Research Institute Corp. last year to be an independent company according to Sega's strategic decision. As you are aware, "AM2" is a leading brand of the arcade game development, and we now ready to expand our business in the field of home video game development and the middleware development to meet with Sega's new multi-platform strategy.

By taking this occasion, we decided to change our company name by adapting these honorable "SEGA" and "AM2" brands and restart for goal with refreshed spirit and exiting enthusiasm for success.

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Games Developed By AM 2

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker RacingMay 18, 01
3D Gunstar Heroes eShopAug 20, 15
3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 eShopOct 08, 15
Aero Elite: Combat Academy ActionMar 11, 03
Beach Spikers SportsAug 12, 02
Choujikuu Yousai Macross (Import) ActionOct 23, 03
Ferrari F355 Challenge RacingSep 24, 02
Fighters Megamix ActionApr 30, 97
G-LOC: Air Battle SimulationAug 16, 92
King of Route 66 RacingMar 18, 03
Outtrigger ActionJul 24, 01
Propeller Arena (Import) Action
Sega 3D Classics Collection ArcadeApr 26, 16
Sega Ages: Virtua Fighter 2 (Import) Action
Shenmue Role-PlayingNov 07, 00
Shenmue II Role-PlayingOct 30, 02
The House of the Dead ArcadeMar 31, 98
US Shenmue (Import) Adventure
Virtua Cop 2 ActionNov 30, 96
Virtua Fighter 4 ActionMar 19, 02
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution ActionMar 13, 03
Virtua Fighter 5 ActionOct 30, 07
Virtua Quest Role-PlayingJan 11, 05
Virtua Quest Role-PlayingJan 11, 05
Virtua Racing RacingJun 01, 95
Virtua Striker 2002 SportsMay 21, 02
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