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About the Company

10TACLE STUDIOS AG is one of the leading independent international development and production companies for high-end computer and video games (Games).

Owning five development studios in Europe and Asia, 10TACLE STUDIOS develops games for all relevant segments in the games market.

10TACLE STUDIOS mixes trend and brand oriented business skills with a company culture marked by innovation, professionalism and reliability. Within an extremely short period of time, 10TACLE STUDIOS has managed to position itself internationally, to raise the awareness of the capital market to the attractiveness of games and to build up an experienced team of top managers. Its game developments have already received numerous awards from international media.

10TACLE STUDIOS is on an expansion course: turnover; number of employees and the number of its own studios has all doubled within the past 24 months. Its continuing success is based on the company's clear positioning, the extensive know-how of the management team, an extremely well interconnected technology basis between the individual studios and the consistent implementation of management, development and quality standards in all segments of the company.

As a development group of computer and video games 10TACLE STUDIOS is a technology-driven company. Each of its five development studios has a clear technological focus enabling the production of games which are outstanding in their respective genre. At the same time, the studios support each other thanks to networking structures. In this way, synergies are being created and the optimal use of all technological and creative resources is assured.

With "Neo Reality", 10TACLE STUDIOS has its own Middle-Ware-Technology. It assures the company's technological independence and allows cost-effective productions for Next-Generation hardware platforms.

10TACLE STUDIOS creates its own product brands and in the long run builds them up on an international level. As one of the few development companies 10TACLE STUDIOS AG has its own marketing team which prepares the potential markets at an early stage for new releases and coordinates international brand building. The marketing of the games is done on an international scale together with renowned publishers and distributors of games.

Popular Games by 10tacle Studios

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Games Developed By 10tacle Studios

Product NamePlatformGenreRelease Date
Boulder Dash: ROCKS! Classic & PuzzleNov 22, 07
Elveon Role-Playing2nd Quarter 07
GTR Racing2nd Quarter 07
Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution SportsMar 17, 09
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