There are a total of 91 companies in this section.
products Xi Computer Corp.
Computer system assembler.
products The Upgrade Path
ClearPC is a manufacturer of ATX computer housings designed for display as retail computer sales tools and educational props for PC training centers.
products Ubinetics Limited
UbiNetics is a company with a distinct vision of the future of mobile communications and the ability to deliver time-to-market advantage.
products Uken Studios, Inc
products Ultima Electronic Corp.
Ultima Electronics Corp. headquartered in Taiwan is a PC peripheral manufacturer, and they're known for their brand of products caled Artec.
products Ultra Products
products Ultrasone AG
Ultrasone AG is a German company specializing in the development, production and distribution of internally radiation protected headsets, headphones and hands free sets, which are adapted to the natural hearing process.
products Umax Technologies, Inc
Umax products include scanners (for which they are perhaps the best known), notebook computers, desktop systems, and network solutions.
products Uneed International
products Unex Technology Corp.
Unex Technology Corp. is a manufacturer of networking solutions for PC hardware.
products Unibrain S.A.
Unibrain is a developmer of FireWire (IEEE-1394) hardware and software solutions, and offers a complete line of FireWire products for a wide range of applications.
products Unicomp Laboratories, Inc.
Unicomp Laboratories, Inc. is a New York based computer products distributor and service provider.
products Unitech Electronics Co. Ltd.
Unitech is a worldwide manufacturer of MP3, DVD and graphic card solutions for PC hardware.
products US Robotics
US Robotics is one of the pioneers in the communications industries. Best known for their Courier line of modems, USRobotics now operates independently company after their former merger with 3Com.
products UtechSmart
products V-MODA
products V7
products Vantec
Vantec is a "thermal solutions" provider, manufacturing cooling products for Intel and AMD CPUs.
products Verax Ventilatoren GmbH
Verax Ventilatoren GmbH is a manufacturer of cooling solutions for PC hardware products.
products Verbatim Corp.
A subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Verbatim is known for developing optical media recording including MO and the CD/DVD family of products.
products Versatec Tool & Machine
Versatec Tool & Machine is a manufacturer of various metal based tools & machines for all kinds of industry use. They are known for their development of medical equipment, and the RX Bracket designed for digital cameras.
products VIA Technologies, Inc.
Produces motherboard chipsets and Cyrix CPUs.
products VideoLogic
VideoLogic Group plc is an international company which develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics accelerator and audio products for PCs, games consoles and arcade entertainment machines.
products ViewSonic
ViewSonic markets a comprehensive line of color monitors designed to meet any need. The E2® Series, Graphics Series, ViewSonic Professional Series provides a diverse line of monitors for every usage.
products Viking Components, Inc
Manufactures memory, modems, and flash memory products.
products VINIX Technology Corp.
VINIX Technology Corp. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of SiS-based graphics cards, and communications and networking products for PC.
products Visioneer, Inc
Visioneer's productline consists of both flatbed and sheetfed scanners.
products VisionTek, Inc
VisionTek is one of the leading memory products companies in the US, and manufacture memory and peripheral upgrades for PCs, notebooks, printers, workstations, and servers. They also provide some video cards,CPU upgrade and HD upgrade products.
products VIZO Technology Corp.
products Vmax Technologies Corp.
products Voodoo Computers Ltd.
Voodoo Computers Ltd. is an online vendor of their own line of custom PC systems.
products VortexGear
products Vosonic Technology Corp.
products (J and B Technologies LLC)
Voyeurmods is a computer case modification company that resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
products VR Standard Corp
Produces VR glasses and joysticks.
products VST
Develop mobile solution for computers.
products VTX3D (Vertex3D)
products Vvikoo
products Wacom Technology Corp.
Wacom Technology is well known as a pioneer and leading manufacturer of hardware tools for computer artists. Their innovations have allowed them to be a leading developer of pens, drawing tablets, and other input devices.
products Waitec NV
European company that makes CD-R/RW, monitors, and printers
products WarMouse
products WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
WatchGuard based in Seattle, Washington is a provider for internet security devices.
products is a subsidiary of Leufken Technologies, and is an Arizona-based manufacturer of PC hardware cooling solutions.
products Wavemaster
products Western Digital Corp.
Western Digital is one of the Big Boys of media storage, and manufacturers storage solutions for all levels of use, from entry level consumers to enterprise level SCSI solutions.
products WiebeTech LLC
WiebeTech's mission is to develop and deliver peripheral technology for high performance computing.
products Winbook Computer Corporation
Winbook is one of the largest suppliers of notebook computers, perhaps best known as one of the most succesful mail order (and now net order) notebook companies.
products WizCom Technologies Ltd.
WizCom Technologies Ltd. has a multi-disciplinary R&D team comprised of experts in image processing and image acquisition, linguistics and algorithms, as well as experts in functional hardware design.
products Wolfking
products X-Gaming
products X-MICRO Technology Corp
X-Micro Tech. Corp. was established in 1999. Main product lines include 3D graphics cards and memory modules.
products X10
X10 designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide variety of home automation, home security and home entertainment products such as digital cameras.
products X2 Products
products Xample Technologies Inc
Xample Technologies is a small provider of cooling solutions for processors.
products XClio
products Xeenon Co., Ltd.
Develops Arcade Video Game Platform / MP3 Solutions.
products Xenses
products Xerox Corporation
Xerox is a lead manufacturer of imaging products such as copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners, and multifunction units.
products XFX Graphics
XFX is a division of PINE Group that specializes in video cards and motherboards.
products Xgaming Inc.
Xgaming is a Los Angeles, CA based company that sells gaming peripherals.
products XGI Technology Inc.
products Xigmatek
products Xilence Technology Co., Ltd.
products XiMeta Technology Inc.
products XINCOM Corp.
products Xion (Axpertec) Inc.
products Xircom Inc.
Xircom is a lead manufacturer of network solution products for the PC. They are well known for their introducing the world to the first local area network solution for notebooks. In March 2001 Xircom was aquired by Intel Corp.
products Xitel Pty Ltd.
Xitel specializes in multimedia sound cards, and is well known for their award winning Storm series of cards. Recently their Platinum Storm card, powered by the Vortex 2, has been gaining a lot of attention.
products Xoxide Modifications
Xoxide is a supplier of PC hardware enclosures, as well as manufacturer of custom-built enclosures.
products XpertVision
products XSPC
products XTracGear
products XTRACPADS
products Xtreme DDR
Xtreme DDR is a manufacturer and reseller of memory for PC hardware products.
products Yamaha Corporation of America
Yamaha is a multi market corporation that manufactures products for a wide range of uses. Their products include professional and home audio equipment, musical products, instruments and software, computer related products, and many others.
products YCC (Yeou Chih Co.) Ltd.
products Yen Sun Technology Corporation
YS Tech is a company, based in Taiwan, that manufactures cooling fans.
products Yeong Yang Technology Co., Ltd.
In 1990, Yeong Yang Technology launched into its own PC chassis business and now it manufactures and distributes full-range PC and server chasses worldwide.
products Yuan Technology
Makes the MP-300 MP3 player, video cards, SCSI cards, TV tuner cards, DVD decoders, and PC TV converters
products Zalman Tech Co., Ltd
Zalman is a company based in Korea that manufactures computer noise prevention systems.
products Zaward
products Zayo USA LLC
products ZIDA Technologies LTD.
Setting the industry's highest standards, Zida Computer Technologies is an innovative designer, quality manufacturer, excellent developer and global distributor of motherboards under its "TOMATOBOARD" brand name. Zida also designs and sells...
products Zippy Technology Corp.
A manufacturer, based in Taiwan, who makes keyboards, micro switch, and switching PSU.
products Zogis Electronics Ltd.
products Zoltrix International Limited
Zoltrix is know for their modem and PC multimedia products.
products Zonet Technology Inc.
Zonet Technology Inc. designs, manufactures and sells PC networking products with international standards.
products Zoom Telephonics, Inc.
Zoom Telephonics is a major manufacturer of computer telephony products - mainly modems, fax, broadband, and networking devices.
products ZOTAC International Inc.
products Zowie Gear
products ZyXEL Communications Corporation
Originally based out of Taiwan, Zyxel Communications is a multi national company that provides communications products including modems, xDSL modems, and routers for WAN, ISDN and PSTN.