There are a total of 219 companies in this section.
products Q-Tec
Q-Tec is a manufacturer of PCI cards and PSUs.
products QNAP Systems Inc.
products QPAD
products QPS, Inc.
QPS mainly manufactures CD-R, CD-RW and DVD storage products for the PC and Mac, but also manufactures Imaging, duplication, and audio devices for the computer.
products QTechnology
QTechnology is a brand name of Silent PC, and manufacturs power supplies for PC hardware products.
products Quantex Microsystems, Inc.
Quantex Microsystems is a manufacturer of desktop and portable computer systems for various sectors including corporate and server markets.
products Quantum
Quantum is the highest volume global supplier of hard disk drives for personal computers, a leading supplier of high capacity hard drives and the worldwide revenue leader among all classes of tape drives.
products QUBS
QUBS is focused in the manufacturing and marketing of PC LAN/WAN products.
products Quiet PC
This company offers products that reduce the noise generated by computers, including power supplies, hard drive enclosures, and cooling fans.
products QVS (Quality Value Service)
QVS is a major manufacturer of connectivity products for the computer and communications industry that markets through distributors, VARs, integrators and OEMs.
products Radian
products RaidMax
products Raidon Technology, Inc.
products Raidtronics
Raidtronics is a manufacturer of computer enclosures for PC, IPC, server, and RAID.
products Raijintek Corp.
products Ramp Networks
Founded in 1993, Ramp Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R & D facilities in Hyderabad, India, sales offices throughout the US and Canada and sales and service locations in Singapore and the UK.
products Rantopad
products Rapoo Corporation
products Razer USA Ltd.
products RCA
RCA is multi market corporation that is best known for home audio and video products such as televisions, VCRs, camcorders, DVD machines. More recently they have started with satellite systems and even cable modem products.
products RDJD
RDJD is a relative unknown in the cooling solutions market. The company has a series of coolers for each major "platform" of CPUs, including Socket CPUs, SECC and SECC2 CPUs.
products RealVision
3d Graphics
products Realworld Technology, Inc.
products Reeven Co., Ltd.
products Remote Solutions
Remote solutions is a manufacturer of portable electronics such as several types of remote controls, MP3 players, and Flash View products.
products Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd.
Research In Motion Limited is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of wireless solutions for the mobile communications market. RIM technology also enables an array of third party developers and manufacturers in North America and around the...
products RFC Distribution Pte Ltd.
Based out of Singapore, RFC Distribution is the company behind the jazPiper portable MP3 player.
products RHA (Reid Heath Acoustics)
products Ricoh
Ricoh is a multi sector company that specializes in office document systems and equipment. Their products include multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, cameras and notebooks.
products Right Stuff
products Rio Audio (Digital Networks Inc.)
products Roccat
products Rock Computers
Rock Computers, part of the Rock Group plc, are one of the largest UK notebook computer manufacturers, designing and supporting a complete range of top quality notebooks for a vast range of applications.
products Rome
Makes portable MP3 players
products Romtec Incorporated
Manufacturer of "Trios", an IDE hard selector device that enables users to boot easily from up to three different or same operating systems on "three separate hard drives".
products Rosewill Inc.
products RunCore
products S2 Innovation
products S3 Graphics, Inc.
S3 has delivered several generations of the first 32-bit and 64-bit graphics accelerators. Integrated 2D, 3D and video accelerator to the first full-featured PCI audio accelerator designed for the mainstream PC market.
products Saitek Industries
Saitek manufactures interactive gaming hardware such as joysticks, joypads, racing wheels and flight controllers.
products Sam Cheer Computer
Sam Cheer Computer specializes in computer chassis, 19' industrial chassis, mobile racks and low noise power supplies.
products Samsung Electronics America , Inc.
Today Samsung excels in such areas as information & telecommunications, computing, office automation, aerospace industries, factory automation, opto-electronics, and mechatronics.
products Samtron
Samtron is a monitor manufacture.
products SanDisk
Produces Flash memory products and accessories.
products Sanyo
Large company responsible for many electronic products such as telephones and stereos.
products Sapphire Technology Ltd.
Sapphire Technology Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes a range of ATI video boards, and are a supplier of OEMs and SIs in Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America.
products Sarotech Co., Ltd.
Sarotech is a Korean manufacturer of mobile peripherals for PC and Mac systems.
products SC&T International, Inc.
SC&T manufactures multimedia speakers and controllers, featuring two their Platinum Sound and Per4mer labels.
products Scanport Inc
Makes scanners, monitors, mice, cases, motherboards, keyboards, laptops, and projectors.
products Sceptre Technologies, INC.
Sceptre specializes in excellent high quality CRT and LCD monitors. They also market notebooks and flatbed scanners.
products Scythe
products Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seasonic researches, develops, and produces power conversion solutions for PC hardware products.
products Seagate
Seagate is one of the large providers of storage solutions. Their Hard Disk Drives feature some well known brands such as the Barracuda, Cheetah and Medalist Pro series.
products Seiko Instruments USA Inc.
Produces label printers and Smartpads for Palm Pilots
products SENFU International Information Corp.
Senfu is a Taiwan based manufacturer of cooling products for the computer. They create various water based cooling devices such as CPU coolers. Senfu also developed the Superbox, a storage box which fits a tower's drive bay.
products Sennheiser Electronic Corporation
German audio equipment manufacturer. Produces headsets, microphones, etc. Also works with RF and IR technologes.
products Sensory Science Corp.
Sensory Science focuses on the electronic communications market, and is the company behind the raveMP portable music player.
products Sentey
products Seventeam Electronics USA
This company specializes in switching power supplies.
products Shark Multimedia Inc.
Shark Multimedia is a leading provider of cutting edge multimedia and communications products. Their product lines include sound cards, USB products, and modems.
products Sharkoon Technologies
products Sharp Electronics Limited
Sharp Electronics is a veritable electronics giant. The company markets nearly anything, from home appliances to computer displays, storage products, multimedia, and portable computing.
products Shikatronics Inc.
products Shogun Bros. Ltd.
products Shuttle Inc
Shuttle Inc is a manufacturer of motherboards and add on cards. Their productline features the "spacewalker" series of motherboards.
products Sibak Tech Corp.
Sibak Tech Corp. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of PC hardware cooling solutions.
products Siemens AG
Based in Munich, Germany, Siemens designs, develops, and manufactures electrical and electronic systems.
products Sigma Designs
Sigma Designs is perhaps the top DVD playback and MPEG decoder company in existence, with a large lineup of decoder cards that meet just about any need.
products Sigma Product (Cases)
products SIGMACOM
SIGMACOM, a leading supplier of 3D graphics and multimedia technology, designs, manufactures, and markets multimedia solutions and graphics components for PCs.
products SIIG, Inc.
SIIG was founded in 1985 and offers entry level to high-end PCI and ISA I/O boards, controller (SCSI and EIDE) boards, USB devices, IEEE 1394 FireWire adapters, multimedia cards and data communication devices.
products SilentiumPC
products Silentmaxx
products SilenX Corp.
products Silicon Graphics, Inc.
SGI develops high-performance computing technology.
products Silicon Image
Silicon Image designs, develops and markets multi-gigabit semiconductor and system solutions for a variety of communications applications demanding high-bandwidth capability.
products Silicon Integrated Systems Corp
Integrated Chip maker, system on a chip
products Silicon Power
products Silicon Valley Compucycle
Silicon Valley Compucycle is a hardware manufacturer based in the US, specializing in PC hardware cooling solutions.
products Silitek Corporation
Silitek is a Taiwan manufacturing company which designs, manufactures, and distributes computer peripherals and conductive rubber parts to OEM customers and system integrators.
products Silverprop Australia Pty Ltd.
Silverprop computing provides a broad range of computer cooling solutions for the PC.
products SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.
products SimpleDevices Inc,
SimpleDevices provides channel for distributing content beyond PC to variety of devices for home, automobiles, and enterprise.
products SimpleTech, Inc.
SimpleTech, Inc. is a global engineering and manufacturing company that offers memory and storage products for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications, including IP networking, consumer electronics, personal computing, and...
products SinTek Industries
products SiPix, Inc.
SiPix aims to become the leading manufacturer, designer and provider of digital imaging products for consumer and prosumer markets including digital cameras and handheld printers.
products Sitecom
products Sky Hawk Computer Group
Sky Hawk Computer Group, based in Taiwan, is a computer cases, and accessories manufacturer.
products Skymaster Group
Skymaster Group develops solutions for portable storage devices, USB, 1394 and networks.
products Skywell
Skywell is a producer of motherboards and video cards.
products Smart and Friendly
Smart and Friendly manufactures CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW products. Their productlines include consumer CD drives as well as CD towers.
products smartBridges Pte Ltd
smartBridges is a relative newcomer to the network hardware market. Currently, smartBridges is focusing on developing networking products for mobile, SOHO and home computer users.
products SmartDisk Corporation
Creates products designed to simplify the transfer and storage of digital photographs, video, music, voice and data among personal computers, the Internet and digital appliances.
products SMC Networks, Inc.
SMC Networks is a long time network products manufacturer with an extensive line of LAN solutions including stackable dual speed hubs, switches, ethernet and Fast ethernet adaptors, USB connectivity.
products Smooth Creations, Inc.
products Snapgear, Inc.
SnapGear is a provider of Internet security solutions for the branch office or small office, and the remote worker markets. SnapGear Inc designs, develops and manufactures a complete line of Internet security solutions that provide access...
products Socket Communications, Inc
Socket Communications, Inc. develops and sells connection products for handheld computers and other devices.
products SOHOware Inc.
Responsible for making networking products.
products Solarism Display Technology Inc.
Solarism is a manufacturer of multimedia TFT-LCD monitors.
products Soldam Corp.
Soldam started its business in distributing CPU coolers then broadened the business field to PC cases and accessories.
products Soltek Computer Inc.
Soltek, based out of Taiwan, is a manufacturer of mainboards based on various chipsets and in Slot 1, and Socket7/Super7 formats.
products Sondigo
products SONICblue, Inc
SONICblue formally konwn as S3 is a company based in Santa Clara, California that provides digital media solutions.
products SonicWALL, Inc.
products Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
Sonnet offers processor upgrade products for Mac platforms.
products Sono Computer Co. Ltd.
Mainboard manufacturer.
products Sony
Sony, well known for their huge line of consumer electronics, also produces computers, notebooks, and multimedia peripherals. Their VAIO line of computers is on the forefront of computer technology and aesthetic design.
products Sorell (S-CAM Co., Ltd.)
products South Bay Engineering, Inc.
South Bay Enginneering is a manufacturer of cooling solution products for the computer.
products Soyo
Soyo is one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards. Like many other Taiwanese based companies, Soyo is proud of their technological achievements and highly supports internet publications by having their products reviewed.
products SP
SP is a manufacturer of computer case housings which are constructed to reduce noise levels within the case.
products Sparkle Power Inc.
Founded in 1993, Sparkle Power Inc. (SPI) is one of the largest switching power supply manufacturers in the world.
products Sparkle Technology Co., Ltd.
Video Card manufacturer
products Spectra Logic Corporation
Sells automated tape libraries
products Speed Strip, LLC.
products Speed-Link (Jollenbeck GmbH)
products Speedlink
products SpeedyCool
Sell cooling solutions.
products Speeze
Speeze is a manufacturer of PC hardware cooling products.
products Spiderweb Software_replaceme
Spiderweb Software is a small company founded in 1994 dedicated to creating terrific games for Macintosh and Windows.
products Spire (Electronic Cooling Tech Corp.,Ltd.)
Produces Cooling solutions for systems, CPUs, hard-disks, and chipsets. Also manufactures Multimedia Speakers sets, microphones, headsets.
Vga Cards Video cards for your Pc. Accessories Mouse's, processor adapters.
products Spring Spread Ltd.
Spring Spread, based in Taiwan, is a manufacturer for coolers and heatsinks.
products SRS Labs, Inc.
SRS Labs is well known for their audio technologies based on algorithms to modify and enhance audio playback. Examples of their technologies include SRS 3D and SRS TruSurround.
products SSI
products Ltd.
Headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada manufactures computer cables, parts, peripheral sharing and networking products.
products SteelSeries
products Stereo-Link
Stereo-Link is a manufacturer of audio components for PC hardware.
products STMicroelectronics Ltd.
Company which teamed up with nVidia to produce the Riva128 is now producing they Kyro with PowerVR series 3 technology.
products Stomp, Inc.
Makes the CD Stomper, a labelling kit.
products Streacom
products Strontium
products SUMA SYSTEM Corp
makes video cards (based on nvidia chipsets)
products Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun Microsystems is a developer of and manufacturer of networking solutions for PC hardware products.
products Sunbeam Company
Sunbeam Company launched as a company in the field of optoelectronics in 2000, specializing in the development of cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL), and other PC modifying products.
products Sunbeamtech
products Sunon, Inc.
Sunon is an international supplier of fans and blowers. The company specializes in research, development and designs of products for cooling and air circulation.
products Sunrich Technology Ltd.
Sunrich Technology Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of computer interface cards.
products Sunus Suntek Inc.
Suntek is a manufacturer of of colored cases for the computer. They feature one cases which comes in five transparent colors.
products Super Flower Computer Inc.
Super Flower Computer Inc. is a manufacturer of PC hardware enclosures, PSUs, coolers, speakers, and input devices.
products Super Grace Electronics Ltd.
Super Grace Electronics Ltd. is a manufacturer of mainboards and add-on cards in Hong Kong that supplies its products worldwide.
products Super Micro Computer, B.V.
Supermicro Computer makes many different products, though their main products are motherboards.
products Superpower Supply Inc.
Superpower is a German based company that manufactures a wide range of computer cases. Their products cover a wide spectrum of needs, and include server cases.
products SuperSSpeed (Richmax Technology)
products Swans Speaker Systems, Inc.
Swans Speaker Systems is concerned with researching, designing, and manufacturing high quality drivers and loudspeakers using original products and technologies.
products Swiftech
SwiftTech is a company which develops and markets advanced cooling solutions for cpus. Their current products utilize Peltier cooling in order to achieve remarkable cooling results.
products Swissbit Group
products Synology Inc.
products Syntax Groups Corp.
products Sys Technology Inc,
Sys Technology, Inc. is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance desktop computers, workstations, and servers.
products Syscan Technology Holdings Limited
Syscan Technology Holdings Limited focuses on the digital imaging market, manufacturing optical imaging technology products for PC hardware.
products Systemax Inc.
Systemax Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of their build-to-order PC line.
products T&M Corp.
T&M Corp. is a Korean manufacturer of high-tech electronic goods, semiconductors, electronic components and parts, and telecommunication goods.
products Tagan Technology Co., Ltd.
products Tagram
In 1993, Tagram was one of the first producers of MPC2 spec multimedia personal computers. It now markets the MamboX MP3/CDR/CDRW player.
products TaiSol Electronics Co., Ltd.
TaiSol is a manufacture, based in Taiwan, that provides thermal and connector solutions for PCs.
products takeMS International AG
products Takstar Electronic Co., Ltd.
products Tally Printer Corporation
Tally is a manufacturer of production network lasers, industrial line matrix printers and serial matrix forms printers.
products Tapcloud Interactive
products Targus Inc.
A manufacture for portable devices and accessories. The company sells direct to end users.
products Task International, Inc.
Task International, Inc. is a professional manufacturer of computer cases and power supplies.
products Tatung Science & Technology Inc.
Tatung, based in Taiwan, is a manufacturer for electronics, home appliances and industrial equipment.
products TDK Corp.
TDK manufactures multimedia, and mobile communication products. It aslo produces a wide range of electronic components,
products Teac America, Inc.
Teac manufactures data storage devices such as CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW drives for the computer market.
products Team Group Inc.
products TeamGroup Inc.
products Tech Center Lab
Create accessory for Palm
products TechWorks Inc
This company sells wireless networking products, digital camera, USB and FireWire hard drives, RAM modules, and USB hubs. They use the Buffalo brand for Techworks Europe/UK.
products TECO Information Systems CO., LTD.
TECO, headquarted in Taiwan, manufactures scanners, digital cameras and LCD panels. TECO products are sold under Relisys brandname.
products TekNmotion
products Tekram
Tekram is a components manufacturer that supplies both motherboards and controller cards.
products Tektronix, Inc.
Tektronix produces mainstream products such as colour printers and also oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, cable testers, stimulus devices, communications transmission tests and television and audio test equipment.
products Telex Communications Inc
Manufacturer of audio equipment, antennas, video projectors, and communications equipment
products Tenda (Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co.,Ltd.)
products TennMax
Tennmax is the cooler company - they make coolers designed for specific video cards, CPUs and even some chipsets.
products Terapin Technology
Terapin Technology develops, manufactures and markets a range of convergent electronic products and services globally. Products include "CD video recorders", dual deck MP3 audio CD recorders, and the portable Terapin Mine.
products TerraTec Promedia
TerraTec designs and markets sound cards, MP3-CD-Player, WebCams, TV- and Video cards and other multimedia products.
products Tesoro
products Teufel
products Thecus Tech Corp.
products Thermal Integration Technology Inc.
Thermal Integration is a thermal solutions providers, providing products like cooling systems for computers, and heat-dissapation systems for close-type chassises.
products ThermalFly Inc.
products Thermalright Inc.
Thermalright Inc. designs and develops CPU coolers.
products Thermalrock Technology Co., Ltd.
products Thermaltake
Thermaltake is a manufacturer of cooling products and heat sinks for computer use. Thermaltake's main Office is located in Taiwan.
products ThermoLab Co. Ltd.
products ThermoSonic Technology Inc
ThermoSonic Technology Inc., based in Taiwan, is a manufacturer for CPU coolers.
products Think Outside, Inc.
Makes the Stowaway keyboard, licenses technology for the Palm Portable Keyboard
products Thrustmaster
Thrustmaster, was one of the original providers of high quality gaming peripherals. Best known and loved for their flight sticks, the company also manufactures a wide range of other devices such as racing wheels and gamepads.
products Tiger Electronics
A company that manufacture coolers.
products Tisonic Inc.
products Titan
Manufacture coolers.
products TMC (Taiwan MyComp Co) Ltd.
Established in 1983, TMC has grown to a global supplier and manufacturer of mainboards, riser cards, CPU cards and interface devices.
products ToCools Corp.
ToCools Corp. is a Korean manufacturer of thermal solutions for PC hardware products.
products Topower Computer Industrial Co., Ltd
Manufacture power supply units.
products Topre Corporation
products Torspoal Ltd.
products Toshiba America, Inc.
Industy giant Toshiba manufacturers many products. They are a leading provider of notebooks and desktops, and also produce peripherals, cameras, copiers, fax machines, and communications products.
products TP-Link
products Tranquil PC Ltd.
products Transcend Information Inc.
Transcend manufactures motherboards for international distribution. Their line consists primarily of Intel supporting motherboards with Slot 1 and Socket 370 interfaces.
products Traxdata Ltd.
Traxdata brand is now owned by Ritrax Co.
Traxdata Ltd., unable to pay to its cd manufacturer(Ritek Co.), was obligated to hand over the brand to one of the best cd manufacturers in the world.
products Trek2000 International Ltd.
Trek2000 International Ltd. manufactures electronic components.
products TRENDnet (TRENDware) International Inc.
TRENDware International Inc. is a manufacturer of networking products for PC hardware systems.
products Trident Microsystems, Inc.
Trident Microsystems, Inc., founded in 1987, is well known for their low cost multimedia chips. Trident is one of the largest suppliers of graphics and sound chips to OEMs worldwide for use in video cards, sound cards and motherboard integrated...
products Trig
TRIG, based in Taiwan, manufactures computer accessories.
products TriGem Computer, Inc.
products Triplex Corp.
Triplex Corp. is a Taiwanese manufacturer of video cards for PC hardware products.
products Tripp Lite
Tipp Lite specializes in power protection products including surge suppressors, line conditioners/transformers, UPS systems and other products for both North America (120v) and Worldwide use(240v).
products Trust Computer Products
Trust Computer Products, established in 1990, is a manufacturer who provides computer and game console accessories.
products TS Heatronics Co., Ltd.
TS Heatronics is a Japanese manufacturer of PC hardware cooling solutions.
products TT Tech
products Tuniq Co. Ltd.
products Turtle Beach Inc.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. delivers integrated professional-grade hardware and software products which meet the needs of serious musicians, audio producers, and PC audiophiles.
Established in 1978, Taiwan Video & Monitor Corporation has grown to become a major worldwide supplier of computer displays.
products TwinMOS Technologies Inc.
TwinMOS's core business is providing standard memory modules (DDR DIMM/DDR SO-DIMM/RIMMTM/DIMM/SO-DIMM,and SIMMs), and customized memory solutions for desktop and notebook computers, workstations, and servers. They also manufacture PC and media...
products TwinTech Industry Inc.
TwinTech Industry Inc. sells and distributes USB flash drives.
products Tyan Computer Corporation
TYAN Computer offers a complete line of PC system boards based on the Intel Pentium II, Pentium III, and Xeon microprocessors. These products serves general purpose desktop PC workstations to dual-processor network servers.
products ViewQuest Technologies Inc.
ViewQuest Technologies Inc. develops image input/processing device, including PC Camera (DVC) and Digital Still Camera (DSC).