There are a total of 214 companies in this section.
products Konica Minolta Corporation
Minolta is a lead manufacturer of imaging products, both for the consumer level and industrial level. Minolta offers a great range of product types, from Planetarium lens systems, to medical meters to the common digital camera.
products M-Audio
M-Audio, also know as Midiman, is a California based company that develops audio products.
products M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd.
M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets innovative electronic disks that provide data storage based on flash memory.
products Macally
Chia Shin Technology and Mace Group, Inc. (Macally) as a Group, is manufacturer of Macintosh and PC peripherals and accessories.
products Macase Industrial Corp.
Macase is a chassis and personal computer enclosure manufacturer based out of Taiwan. The company also makes power supplies and multimedia devices.
products Mach Xtreme Technology
products Macpower Peripherals, Ltd. USA
manufactures external enclosures, input devices, and other accessories for the Macintosh and SCSI markets
products Macsense Connectivity, Inc.
Macsense provides network connectivity products such as routers, hubs, switches and ethernet cards.
products Mad Catz, Inc.
MadCatz is one of the most recognized brands for computer and console gaming peripherals. Their products include the joysticks(more specifically, the Panther series), gamepads and racing wheels.
products Mad Dog Multimedia, Inc.
products MAG Innovision Corporation
MAG InnoVision supplies high quality monitors to the global market under its own brand name as well as supporting OEM customers.
products Magellan Corp.
Develops satellite access technology.
products Magic Pro Computer Company Ltd.
Magic-Pro is a motherboard manufacture based in Hong Kong.
products Man & Machine, Inc.
Man & Machine, Inc. is a manufacturer and repair center for portable computers and products.
products Manli Technology Company Ltd.
Based in Hong Kong, Manli Technology is a supplier of mainboard, VGA cards, sound cards and other peripherals/components.
products Mapower Electronics Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1987, Mapower Electronics. is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of computer peripherals, specialising in external drive enclosures.
products Massworks
An Aquila company, Massworks is a developer of touch-screen LCD game controllers.
products Matias Corporation
Matias Corp., based in Ontario, Canada, manufactures PDA peripherals.
products Matrox Graphics Inc.
Matrox is one of the top providers for the 2D/3D video card solution. The Millennium line started off as a pioneer in the 3D world and is constantly growing with market demand.
products Matsonic Computer Co.
Matsonic Computer Co., is a mainboard manufacturer with its headquarters in Hsi-chih, Taiwan.
products Max Keyboard
products Maxcube International Inc.
products Maxetec
products MaxGate Inc.
MaxGate Inc. provides comprehensive network infrastructure and Internet gateway solutions.
products Maxtor Corporation
Maxtor Corporation develops, manufactures and markets information storage products for desktop computer systems.
products Media Factory
products Media West Distriubtion Inc.
Media West is a distributor and OEM of PC hardware products.
products Meganet Corp.
products Melard Technologies Inc.
Melard Technologies considers itself a specialist in rugged portable computer solutions, including wireless technologies.
products Mellenger create a variety of products for the advanced user.
products Memonex
products Memorex
Memtek Corporation, better known as Memorex brand under which it markets its world famous computer and A/V storage media, is also a supplier of other computer peripherals such as CD and CD-R/W drives, DVD-ROM, and Audio/Video products.
products MemoRight
products Memory Corporation Inc
multimedia / MP3 products
flash memory products
flash controllers
products Merconnect, Inc.
In addition to developing peripherals for console games, Merconnect also distributes MP3 players, optical mice, and digital/web cameras.
products Meridian Technology Corp.
Meridian Technology Corporation is a manufacturer of enclosures for PC hardware products.
products Merilus Inc.
Merilus is a leading company in the development of network security tools and products.
products Metricom Inc.
Metricom Inc. based in San Jose, California is a manufacturer for mobile communication products.
products MGE
MGE UPS SYSTEMS is the world's third largest manufacturer of power protection equipment for sensitive applications.
products MGLogic Pte Ltd.
MGLogic currently only markets one product, their E-Pad and Dua Pen.
products MIB
MIB is a Japanese manfucturer of PC and laptop hardware accessories, card readers, and MP3 players.
products Micro Solutions Inc.
Micro Solutions is a computer hardware peripherals manufacturer. The company is known for its CD-ROM, CD-RW, hard drives and diskette drives.
products Microcool
products Microlab Electronics Co., Ltd.
products Micron Technology, Inc.
Micron Technology, Inc., and its subsidiaries manufacture and market DRAMs, SRAMs, Flash, other semiconductor components, memory modules, graphics accelerators, and personal computer systems.
products MicronPC, LLC.
MicronPC is a manufacturer of custom-built PC desktop systems.
products Microplex Norge AS
Microplex is a Norweigan manufacturer of cooling solutions for PC hardware products.
products Microsoft Corp.
products Microtech International, Inc.
Microtech International based in North Branford, Connecticut (USA) has been manufacturing quality memory and computer peripheral products since 1985.
products Microtek Lab Inc.
Microtek is a manufacturer of computer scanning and digital camera products and are known for their SlimScan and Scanmaker series.
products MidiLand, Inc.
MidiLand manufactures and markets high quality multimedia speakers. Midiland is recognized by many reviewers and customers as providing some of the best sounding speakers, often up to audiophile standards.
products Millennium Thermal Solutions, LLC
Millenium Thermal is a manufacturer of PC hardware cooling solutions.
Produces and sells video card coolers.
products Mindmaker, Inc.
Mindmaker manufactures the Game Commander.
products Minds@Work LLC.
A company based in Irvine, CA. design and markets digital imaging technology.
products MindsGear
Make memory and related products for digital cameras.
products Minitar Corp.
products MINOLTA-QMS, Inc
Produces printers, emulations, MICR, networking equipment, and imaging equipment
products Mionix
products miro displays, inc
Radius is the brand underwhich miro displays, inc markets their monitors. miro displays is a leading provider of display products, and the radius brand includes forward looking technologies such as flatpanel displays.
products Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc
In the computer industry, Mitsubishi Electronics markets semiconductors, monitors, graphics chipsets, notebook computers and various other products.
products Mitsumi Electronics Corp., Inc.
Mitsumi manufactures a number of peripherals ranging from input devices to CD-R and CD-RW drives.
products MobiBLU
products Monarch Computer Systems
products Moneual Lab
products Monsoon Audio Systems
Monsoon is a large brand for both Automotive and Computer Multimedia speakers. Known for their "drenched in sound" slogan, they currently market their Monsoon MM-1000 and MM-700 computer multimedia flatpanel speakers made by Sonigistix.
products mophie
products Morex (Procase) Information Ent., Co., Ltd.
Morex (Procase) is a manufacturer and marketer of PC cases.
products Motorola Inc.
Motorola Inc. develops communications products.
products Mototech Inc.
Mototech is a provider of networking solutions.
products MP3 Solutions
Sells portable CD players
products MPZoo Digital Audio Solutions
MPZoo, based in Australia, provides digital audio solutions.
products MSI (Microstar)
MSI, also known as Microstar, manufactures and markets motherboards for both Intel and AMD CPUs. MSI produces some of the highest quality AMD boards which have won awards from publications.
products Multi-Tech Systems, Inc
Sells telephony, remote access, and internet access equipment.
products MultiChannel Labs
Based in Korea, MultiChannel Labs manufactures multimedia devices such as MP3 players.
products Mushkin Inc.
Memory Manufacturer
products Mushroom Technology Co.
Produces the Siren Audio sound card, USB wireless mice, and USB wireless keyboard
products Mustek Inc.
Mustek is a manufacturer who specializes in scanners parallel/USB/SCSI, who also manufacture digital cameras, scanner accessories, and computer products such as power supplies.
products Mutant Mods
products Nacon
products Nanoxia
products NaturalPoint
Eye Control Technologies, Inc. (dba NaturalPoint) was founded in 1997 to develop computer control devices for people with disabilities.
products NCASE
products Neato
CD Label Maker
products NEC Technologies, Inc
NEC Technologies is well known for several products including monitors and large flatpanel displays, and printers .
products Neng Tyi Presion Industries Co., LTD.
Neng Tyi is a manufacture based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company manufactures cooling solutions.
products Neolec Components GmbH
Neolec is a German manufacturer of multimedia, cooling solution, and enclosure products for PC.
products NeoWave International, Inc.
NWI is a developer and manufacturer of innovative multimedia solutions.
products NetComm Limited
NetComm is a developer of data communications products.
products Netgear
NETGEAR is a connectivity provider which focuses exclusively on the home user and SOHO markets. Netgear is an independent division of the larger enterprise network company, Bay Networks. Their products include network hubs, routers, switches...
products Netis Systems
products Netopia, Inc.
Produces Internet hardware equipment- routers, DSU, modems, etc.
products New Media Technology Corp.
New Media Technology Corporation is a provider of PC Cards for the mobile computing market. Their complete range of products includes communications, networking and multimedia offerings.
products NewMotion Tech
products Nexian, Inc.
Nexian, Inc. is committed to integrating the latest mobile communication technology into fun and valuable products that will "make your life easier."
products NEXLAND Inc.
A company that provides internet and networking solutions.
products Nexus Technology BV
Nexus Technology BV was established in 2000 in the Netherlands by a group of experts on heat conductivity and noise reduction in the computer industry.

The idea to have a full line of high quality computer components to improve the working...
products Nikon Corporation
Nikon Inc. has been one of the largest companies who manufacture Cameras. Nikon specializes in photographic, bioscience, eyewear, ophthalamic, consumer eye scopes, and digital imaging products.
products Ninja Micros
Ninja Micros produces the Freespeed Pro card that allows you to overclock your Athlon.
products nMedia System Inc.
products Noctua
products Nofan (Nofen) Corporation
products Nogatech Ltd.
Nogatech is a manufacturer of computer video technology including USB and PCMCIA based video products.
products Noise Control
Manufacture CPU coolers.
products Noiseblocker
Noiseblocker is a division of BlackNoise that manufactures their own line of enclosures, power supplies, and thermal cooling solutions for PC hardware products.
products Nokia, Inc.
In the computer market, Nokia is well known for its displays. Nokia display products include normal CRT monitors and flat panel LCD displays.
products Noontec
products Norco
products NorthQ
products Northwind Computers, Inc.
Northwind Computers maked Golden Finger cards for overclocking Athlons.
Novasonic is a manufacture for portable MP3-CD players.
products Novatel Wireless
Novatel Wireless was founded in 1996 with specific expertise in TCP/IP based technologies such as Cellular Digital Packet Data. Novatel Wireless offers a broad product line that provides secure, reliable, wireless data communications.
products Nox Extreme Products S.L Corp.
products nPowerTek (Thermal Transtech International Corp.)
products Nu Tech (New Universe Technology Inc.)
products Number Nine Visual Technology Inc.
A company with a long history in the video card market. Number Nine has been around since 1982, and continues to produce new video technology and leading video products.
products NuTrend Computers
computer system manufacturer
products NVIDIA
NVIDIA designs, markets and sells a complete family of award-winning 3D graphics processors that deliver industry leading performance and visual quality for a broad range of PC applications.
products nYko Technologies, Inc.
nYko Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer for gaming devices.
products NZXT
products Oblanc Technology Co., Ltd.
products is an online retailer that sells custom-built PC hardware components and systems that are overclocked.
products OCZ Tech
Supply computer hardware products.
products Oki Data
Manufactures printers and copiers
products Olitec
Olitec is a developer for communication hardware/software solutions provider.
products Olympus America Inc.
Olympus is a lead manufacturer of photographic equipment, healthcare imaging products, and also industrial business oriented products.
products OnLive, Inc.
products Onstream, Inc.
Onstream was incorporated in 1998, and though relatively new to the industry, is already marketing several products in the storage sector. The company's mission is to provide cost effective storage solutions to help record and protect information.
products OPTI-UPS Corp
OPTI-UPS specializes in uninterruptible power supplies and network adapters for the PC.
products Optiquest Corp.
Optiquest markets value priced performance monitors. Their products are divided into their V (Value) line and their Q (Quality) line.
products OptoRite Inc.
OptoRite Inc. is an optical storage drives manufacturer.
products Opus Technologies, Inc.
products Orange Micro Inc.
Orange Micro Inc. manufactures firewire and USB products.
products Ortek Technology, Inc.
Ortek is devoted to the research development and manufacturing of computer peripheral input-devices.
products Outside Loop Computers
Outside Loop Computers is the manufacturer of the Afterburner Golden Finger Device and a reseller of computer parts.
products OVA Technology of Florida, Inc.
OVA Technology of Florida, Inc. is a manufacturer and vendor of PC hardware products.
products is a relatively new company that produces overclocking products. Their current Slipstream Enhancer kit is a cooling solution for V3 and TNT2 products.
products Overclockers Hideout
Maker of cooling solution kits - sells direct
products OvisLink USA
Networking equipment manufacturer
products OWC (Other World Computing)
products Ozone
products Pacific Digital Corporation
Pacific Digital is based in Irvine, California, and focuses on leading-edge digital imaging products, USB peripherals, DVD and CD-RW optical storage. Pacific Digital's Advanced Product Division focuses on their DiscStaQ family of ADMA products....
products Pacific Image Electronics Co., Ltd.
Produces Imaging Input/output devices
products Pacific Neo-Tek
Pacific Neo-Tek develops PDA accessories.
products Palit Microsystems, Inc.
Established in 1988, Palit Microsystems, Inc. is a supplier of VGA cards, DIMMs, motherboards. Howerver, its focus is on 3D graphics cards.
products palmOne (Palm, Inc.)
Makes the Palm series of PDAs and the Palm OS. spin off of US Robotics (3Com)
products Palo Alto Products International
Palo Alto Products specializes in industrial design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and logistics. They also manufacture a full line of PC enclosures for the original equipment manufactureres' - (OEM) market.
products Panamax, Inc.
Panamax, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic and electrical power protection products.
products Panasonic
Panasonic is a lead manufacturer of a range of home & office consumer and industrial level electronics.
products Pandawill
products PAPAGO! Inc.
products Patriot (PDP Systems Inc.)
products PC Case Gear
Sell computer case mods and accessories.
products PC Modifications
Manufacture PC accessories such as modified cases, neon light kits, and bay bus kits.
products PC Partner Limited
PC Partner is a manufacturer for PC components and personal computer systems.
products PC PitStop
PC PitStop is a family-owned computer component reseller that also markets its own line of PC hardware products, like HDD coolers.
products PC Power & Cooling, Inc.
PC Power and Cooling, Inc., specializes in computer enclosures, power supplies, and cooling solutions. The company has been in the cooling market since 1986, and carries a full line of cooling products from CPU coolers to HD bay coolers.
products PC Tote Corp.
Manufacturer of PC Tote.
products PCChips
products PCCHIPS Manufacturing Limited
HongKong motherboard maker
products pcToys
pcToys is a vendor of technology, performance upgrades and aesthetic enhancements for PC hardware products.
products PelTEC
Makes peltiers and sells Alpha and Globalwin cooling equipment
products Pen Drive USA
products Pentagram
products PentaMedia
Manufactures DVB receivers, MPEG capture cards, Internet and Multicast cards and hubs.
products Pentax Corporation
products Perception Digital
Perception Digital is a technology company focusing on the research and development of high-end digital audio applications, audio-visual consumer products and voice-based Internet applications.
products Performance Memory
Performance Memory Systems is a distributor of their own line of memory products for PC and Mac hardware.
products Phanteks
products Philips Electronics N.V
Philips is a global company that markets products in many sectors. Their computing and technology products include monitors, peripherals, speakers and more.
products Pico Systems Ltd
Pico Systems Ltd provides mobile computing solutions.

products Pine Technology USA
Pine USA manufactures portable MP3 players, CDROM drives, optical media, motherboards, video adaptors, fax modems and sound cards.
products Pinnacle Micro
A specialist in optical storage devices, Pinnacle Micro offers DVD RAM,CDR/CDRW and optical hard drive products.
products Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Pinnacle Systems provides video and broadcast products for both consumers and video professionals.
products Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc
Pioneer New Media Technologies is a division of Pioneer America that specializes in optical multimedia products such as DVD-ROMS and CD-ROMS for computers.
products Pivos
products Planar Systems, Inc.
Planar Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of display monitors for the PC.
products Plantronics, Inc
Plantronics is a leader in telephone and computer headsets and other telephony appliances.
products Plextor Corp.
Plextor is well known for their high performance CD storage devices, including their award winning PlexWriter series of CD-R and CD-RW drives.
products Plexuscom (Chou Chin Industrial Co., Ltd.)
products Plustek Inc.
Plustek is one of the world's leading scanner manufacturers with it's headquarters in Taiwan. Plustek also manufactures Digital Cameras.
products PNY Technologies, Inc.
PNY Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of memory upgrade products for desktops, notebooks, servers, workstations, printers, digital cameras, handheld PCs, and other customized memory applications. PNY...
products PoGo! Products Inc
PoGo! Products Inc. is the collaborative effort of industry veterans who are known leaders in the consumer electronic space.
products Point of View
products Polaroid Corporation
A large company responsible for making film and cameras.
products Polk Audio
Polk Audio is already a name in the audio industry, and is making way in the multimedia speaker scene with their AMR systems.
products Poloroid
Poloroid not only specializes in photography equipment as many well know, but also in healthcare, scientific & laboratory, law enforcement, small & large office, insurance, home improvement, real estate, teachers, and ID system programs and...
products Polycom Inc
Video and LAN solutions
products Polywell Computers, Inc.
Polywell specializes in manufacturing custom configurations for high-end computer systems.
products Pontis Electronic GmbH
Pontis is a German company that entered the portable music market with their MPlayer3 portable player - based around the MultiMediaCard flash storage technology.
products Portable Innovation Technology Ltd.
Portable Innovation Technology Ltd. is founded by a few Motorolans and an investment banker in year 2000.
products Portwell
Portwell develops fault-resilient IPC chassis, single board computer, redundant power supply, and firewall server, RAID storage subsystem, network appliance, and panel solution.
products Power Cooler Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Power Cooler Enterprise Co.,Ltd. integrates the combined resources of the group dedicating itself to research and developemnt of cooling fans and motors.
products Power Magic Multimedia Ltd.
Power Magic is a manufacturer offering the most extensive 3D Graphic Accelerators and Multimedia products in the PC component industry.
products Power Memory International (PMI)
Power Supply manufacturer
products PowerChips LLC
PowerChips makes the Power Charger GFD card for overclocking the Athlon processor.
products PowerColor (Tul Corp.)
products PowerFile Digital Storage Solutions
PowerFile manufactures digital storage devices.
products Powerware Corp.
products Powmax (Leadman Electronics, Inc.)
products PQI (Power Quotient International) Co., Ltd.
This Taiwanese company specializes in Memory Modules, Flash Cards & Communication Products, and Flash Disks. It is ISO 9001 certified
products Princeton Graphics Systems
Princeton Graphics provides multimedia and computer display solutions. Though they provide CRT and LCD displays for computer use, they also provide large screen displays as television and projector alternatives.
products Procomp Informatics Ltd.
Procomp is a manufacturer for motherboard, palm, and IEEE1394 products.
products ProlimaTech Inc.
products Prolink Microsystems Corporation
Prolink offers a complete line of 3D Hi-End VGA card, TV card, Capture card, MPEG II card, Video In/Out & Video Conference products
products Promise Technology, Inc
Promise Technology specializes in controller cards for IDE, SCSI products. They also produce RAID controllers, peripherals and I/O cards.
products Proview International Holdings Limited
Preview Group is a manufacturer for computer monitors.
products Psion Connect Ltd
Palmtops, PC Cards, USB peripherals
products Psyko
products Silver Bullet PC
Silver Bullet PC is a Division of The TV Shop, and is a distributer and manufacturer of modified and OEM hardware for the PC enthusiast.
products Super Talent Electronics, Inc.
products Tradex Information Technology Inc.
Tradex Information Technology Incorporation is the distributor of the NIKAO line of computer enclosures.