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products Genius (KYE Systems Corp.)
KYE Systems Corp., based in Taiwan, is a manufacturer for multimeida and peripheral devices. It sells its product under the brand name, Genius.
products I-JAM Multi Media LLC
I-Jam Multimedia is a smaller company that is directing their efforts in portable multimedia.
products i-Rocks
products I-Star Computer Co Ltd.
I-Star Computer Co Ltd. is an ISO 9001-approved manufacturer tha exporting switching power supplies worldwide.
products I/O Magic Corp.
I/O Magic Corporation is a leading optical storage, digital entertainment and peripheral PC products company.
products I&C CO.,LTD
I&C CO.,LTD, based in Korea, is a developer of MP3 players.
products is an online store and a manufacturer of portable MP3 players specifically designed for car use.
products iAudio
products IBM
IBM, or Big Blue, is one of very few companies that really needs no introduction. Currently IBM is strongly marketing various products including full systems, servers, and components (especially hard drives).
products iBUYPOWER.COM
ibuypower is a fledgling enterprise in association with American Future Technology Corporation. Their product lines include basic computer systems, desktops, workstations, peripherals, memory, and multimedia products. ibuypower also provides...
products ICP (Intelligent Computer Peripherals) Vortex GmbH
products Icy Dock
products ID-Cooling Ltd.
products Ideal Elethermal Inc.
IDEAL ELETHERMAL INC., founded in March 1996, is a total thermal solution provider for PC hardware products.
products Ideazon, Inc.
products IDEO
IDEO creates products and services for companies pioneering new ways to provide value for their customers.
products iFrogz
products iiyama North America, Inc.
IIyama is one of the foremost leaders in high quality monitors. Their products are time again ranked highly by both publications and their customers.
products IK Multimedia
products Ikonik
products Imation Enterprises Corp.
Imation specialises in digital storage technologies and print products.
products Imeron Immersive Technologies, Inc
Formerly known as BSG Labs, Imeron is known for their Intensor line of products, including the Intensor chair - a beefed up tactile feedback audio system/chair.
products Impression Products, Inc.
Impression Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of monitors, MP3/CD players, motherboards, modems, and input devices.
products In Win Development Inc.
In-Win designs and manufactures high quality computer cases for OEMs and computer enthusiasts looking to build their own custom rigs.
products InClose Design, Inc
InClose Design is a designer of cooling devices for computer systems as well as enclosures for PCs, CDROMS, CDRecorder drives, and Hard Drives.
products INcoder
INcoder designs external optical storage and external cases to for desktop PCs, notebooks, workstations and servers.
products Indrema Corporation
Indrema designs, markets and sells electronics and open source system software for digital home entertainment, offering digital audio, video, Internet and next-generation 3D gaming features.
products Ineo Technology Inc.
products Inetcam, Inc.
Web camera
products Infineon Technologies
Memory components
products Infinipro Technology, Inc.
Located in El Paso, TX USA, Infinipro Technology, Inc. was established in November of 1999 to develop water cooling solutions.
products Inno3D
Inno3d manufactures Video Card Products.
products InnoGear Inc.
The company develops, manufacturers, and markets a family of add-on accessories for the PalmOS Handheld Devices.
products Innovatek
This German company produces the Tweaking Device 2
products Innovision Multimedia Technologies Inc.
Innovision is a more recent multimedia company that has begun to market its 3d accelerator cards to the consumer market, and has been successfully pushing forward with products based on various graphics chipsets.
products Intel Corporation
Intel is the world's largest manufacturer of CPUs and chipsets. They produce the Pentium label, the family of chips which include the PII and PIII. The company also provides network products, and have begun to offer graphics solutions as well.
products Inter-Tech GmbH
products InterAct Accessories, Inc.
InterAct Accessories is a major peripherals manufacturer, not only for the PC, but for all consoles as well. Their products span various catagories including racing wheels, joisticks and gamepads.
products Interactive Imaging systems, Inc.
Interactive Imaging systems is a manufacturer of head mounted display devices.
products Interactive Media Corp.
Interactive Media Corp. is a multimedia company that makes products such as CD-ROMs, MP3 players, and CD-RWs.
products IOGEAR
IOGEAR manufacturers KVM switches, USB hubs and connectivity products.
products Iomega Corp.
Iomega is well known for their storage products. The company debuted with their famous Zip drive, and progressed to provide other removeable storage solutions including the Jazz, Click and CDR drives.
products ioSafe
products iPlayMP3
products iRiver America, LLC.
iRiver America, based in San Jose, California, is a manufacturer of portable digital music players with North and South American distribution. iRiver America's parent company, ReignCom, is based in Seoul, Korea.
products iStarUSA Inc.
products Iwill
Iwill Corporation manufactures computer components, focusing on motherboards and controller cards.
products IXLA USA Inc
products IXOS Ltd.
IXOS is a UK manufacturer of audio equipment, and RCA connectors for sound systems.
products Jabra
products Jaton Corp.
Jaton Corp. specializes in designing and manufacturing of high-performance video accelerators, DVD player, modems, sound cards, network interface cards, Ethernet hubs and USB peripherals.
products jazPiper
This is company a division of the RFC cooperation for consumer IT.
products Jazz Hipster Corp.
Jazz Hipster, based in Taiwan, manufactures speakers and other audio products.
products Jens of Sweden
products Jensen Multimedia
Jensen produces multimedia audio products such as speakers, microphones, headset and headphones.
products Jetart Technology
products JetAudio, Inc.
products JetWay Information Co.,Ltd.
JetWay Information Co., a manufacturer of M/B and peripheral device.
products JMC Products
JMC, heardquartered in USA, is a manufacturer of thermal solutions.
products JMTek, LLC.
JMTek, LLC. is a provider of storage solutions.
products Jonsbo Shenzen Technology Co. Ltd.
products Jou Jye
products Joytech Computer Corporation
products JSCO
products Just Cooler
Just Cooler is the brand under which Orbitron International Co. Ltd sells its cooling products. The Just Cooler product line includes cooling products for hard drives, computer cases and more.
products JustComtech
products Juzt-Reboot Technology, Inc.
Juzt-Reboot is known for its Juzt-Reboot data recovery card.
products JVC Company of America
JVC is better known for its TV and audio systems, but is now producing digital camcorders.
products K&C Technologies
K&C Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of niche technology products like USB drives for PC hardware.
products KANAM Electronics Co., Ltd.
products Kanguru Solutions
products Kanie Co., Ltd.
A Janpanese company that manufactures CPU heatsinks and coolers. The company is known for their Hedgehog products.
products Kanto Distribution Inc.
products kärna LLC
kärna LLC is the company behind the Razer brand of gaming mice. Introduced at E3 '99, the Razer Boomslang 1000 and Boomslang 2000 claim to offer super high sensitivity for expert gaming needs.
products Kaser Corporation
Kaser Corporation presents themselves as an innovator of internet "appliances", and currently markets several such products, including their Yo! portable MP3 Player.
products KBParadise
products KCorp LifeStyle
products KDS
Korea Data Systems, or KDS, is a manufacturer of computer displays and data communications products. They market their display products under their Avitron and Visual Sensations line of monitors.
products Kensington Technology Group
Kensington is a well known and long time manufacturer of input devices. They are also responsible for misc. products such as carrying cases, ergonomic products, media storage,
and cleaning/maintenance products.
products Kenwood Technologies Corporation
Kenwood supplies multimedia solutions for the computer market, including their famous ultra high speed CDROM drives employing Zen TrueX technology.
products Kenwood USA Corporation
Kenwood USA Corp manufactures the Kenwood consumer electronics line which includes both home, portable, and mobile products such as home stereos, portable cd-players, and car audio equipment.
products KeyGhost Ltd
KeyGhost Ltd manufactures PC peripheral devices.
products Keyspan
Keyspan is a division of InnoSys Inc., a manufacturer of data communications hardware and software.
products KFA2 Ltd.
products KHypermedia Corp.
products Kiiro Ltd.
Kiiro Ltd. is a vendor and manufacturer of PC hardware products like MP3 players, digital cameras, and PDAs.
products King Cooler Technology
KING COOLER is an ISO9002 certified manufacturer specializing in cooling devices for CPU, chipset, graphics components, monitor and power supply devices to service the growing demand of the computer industry
products KingFast Storage Technology Co., Ltd.
products Kingmax Technology Inc
Produces DRAM, networking equipment,PC cards, and USB modems
products Kingston Technology Company
Kingston Technology is the world's largest manufacturer of memory products for servers, workstations, desktops, notebooks, and other electronic devices.
products Kingwin Inc.
Kingwin was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer specializing in CPU Coolers and Mobile racks.
products Kinyo Inc.
Manufacturer of multimedia speakers.
products KLEVV (Essencore Ltd.)
products Klipsch
Klipsch is a home and pro audio speaker manufacturer famous for their use of horn tweeters. The company is also now known to be the FIRST to provide a THX certified multimedia surround sound speaker set, the Pro Media V.2 - 400.
products Kobian Pte Ltd.
Kobian Pte. Ltd began as a distributor of computer peripherals and related hardware products. Now they are the owner and manufacturer various I.T. products that sell under the "Mercury" brandname.
products Kodak
Company responsible for products such as film, cameras and copiers.
products Konica
First designed black and white film, currently works on products such as film and cameras.
products Kool Cases (
Kool Cases modifies and distributes their own line of PC enclosure products.
products Kool Solutions Systems Inc.
products Koolance, Inc.
Based in United States, Koolance, Inc. developes superior cooling products that are highly efficient, quiet, and cleaner than traditional heat sinks.
products Koribo
products Koss Stereophones
Produces headsets and microphones
products Koutech Systems, Inc.
Koutech Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Kouwell Electronic Corporation, is a manufacturer of I/O cards for PC hardware.
products KRK Systems
products Kryotech, Inc
Kryotech is well known in the overclocking and computer enthusiast community as the company that brought vapor phase refrigeration into supercooling overclocked CPUs for home use.
products Kua Feng Corporation
Kua Feng Corporation manufactures monitors and they're based in Taiwan.
products KUL (Keyed Up Labs)
products Kuthtec (Kuang Thousand Technology Co. Ltd)
Kuang Thousand Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. The company has been devoted to the design, research and development, and manufacturing of cooling solutions for CPUs.
products Kyocera Corp.
products La Cie, Ltd
LaCie manufactures many storage and related products including hard drives, optical storage drives, raid setups, and backup systems.
products Labtec, Inc.
Labtec is a multimedia company that is one of the largest suppliers of computer audio speakers in the world. Labtec also produces headset accessories and headphones.
products Ladybird
products Lamptron Electronics
products Lancast
Lancast designs, manufactures and delivers carrier-class, intelligent fiber optic and mixed media solutions for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, OC-3 and OC-12 based networks.
products LandWare Inc.
LandWare is a development and marketing company specializing in quality commercial solutions for handheld computers.
products Largan Inc.
Largan Inc. manufactures digital cameras, and is headquartered in Taiwan.
products Leadtek Research Inc.
Leadtek is a technology company providing graphics accelerators, mainboards, videoconferencing solutions, and addon controllers.
products Legend QDI COMPUTER (USA), INC.
Motherboard manufacturer
products Leica Camera Inc.
Leica Camera manufactures digital and regular 35mm cameras, as well as projectors, and binoculars.
products Lenovo Group Ltd.
products LEPA
products Lepont Electronic Inc.
Lepont is a manufacturer of PC enclosures, hands-free sets, and mobile phone connectors.
products Leufken Technologies
Makes cooling devices and goldfingers
products Level One
Manufactures networking and communication products.
products Lexar Media
Produces 'film' for digital cameras - smartmedia, compactflash, etc.
products Lexcom B.V. (Bona Computech Co., Ltd.)
Lexcom (Bona Computech Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer of barebones computer systems and mainboards.
products Lexmark International, Inc.
Lexmark is one of the long standing print media product manufacturers. Their computer printing products include laserjets, inkjets and dot matrix printers for small business, home use and industrial use.
products LG Electronics USA Inc.
LG Electronics is a large manufacturer of products in multiple categories, including computer displays, multimedia products (CD/DVD-ROMS) and household appliances.
products Lian Li
products Lifeview Inc.
Lifeview Inc., a subsidiary of Animation Tech. Inc., founded in 1997, is the USA headquarters in Fremont, California.
products Likko Electronic Co., Ltd
Likko Electronic Co., Ltd. is a producer of multimedia peripherals.
products Linksys
Linksys is a major manufacturer of networking products that include hubs, switches, interface cards, network kits and more.
products Liquid Cooled Computing (LiquidCC) Ltd.
Liquid Cooled Computing (LiquidCC) Ltd. is designer and manufacturer of waterblock cooling solutions for PC hardware products.
products Lite On Enclosure, Inc.
Lite On Enclosure is a manufacturer of computer chassis based out of Taiwan.
products Lite-On, Inc.
Design, develop, and manufacture various kinds of computer hardware.
products Logic 3
Logic 3 is a division of SpectraVideo, and specializes in all manners of gaming input devices for most platforms (computer and console). The company has been in the business for a while but has only recently begun US shipments(circa '99).
products Logicube, Inc
Logicube based in California, USA is known for their OmniClone hard drive duplication and diagnostic products.
products Logisys Computer Inc.
products Logitech
One of the worlds largest manufacturers of computer input devices and the single largest manufacturer of mice. Also on their productline are trackballs, game controllers and multimedia speakers.
products LSI Logic Corp.
products LTB Audio Systems Inc.
products Lucent Technologies
Formerly known as Bell Labs, Lucent has interests in Communications Software, Enterprise Networks, InterNetworking Systems, Messaging, Microelectronics, Network Care Services, Network Products, Optical Networks, and Wireless Networks
products Lucky Star Technology CO., LTD
Lucky Star Technology Co., Ltd. is a process plant specializing in motherboards. With computerized operation and systematized management, we expect ourselves to be one of the top companies in IT industry.
products Luckytech Technology Co., Ltd
Motherboard maker
products Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.
Lynx Studio Technology, Inc. is a privately held corporation that designs and manufactures professional, computer related audio products.
products Working Technologies
Working Technologies is a manufacturer of computer keyboards featuring their KeyGhost line of keyboards.