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products .400 Software Studios
A premier developer of sports simulation software for personal computers. The company's statistical approach to multiple professional and collegiate sports leagues in games like Tournament Dreams College Basketball and Total Pro Football provide...
products 1 A.M. Productions
products 10tacle Studios
10TACLE STUDIOS AG is one of the leading independent international development and production companies for high-end computer and video games (Games).

Owning five development studios in Europe and Asia, 10TACLE STUDIOS develops games for all...
products 10tons Entertainment
10tons is a privately held developer of computer games is based in Tampere, Finland consisting of two studios: 10tons entertainment and Game Gekko. 10tons entertainment makes indie games for the hardcore gamer while Game Gekko makes games for...
products 10tons Ltd.
products 11 bit studios
products 11 bit studios s.a.
products 12 POINT APPS
products 1337 & Senri
products 1337 Game Design AB
products 13AM Games
products 14 Degrees East
14 Degrees East is a subsidiary developing company under Interplay. They are known for their work on Star Trek: New Worlds, Klingon Academy, and Starfleet Command.
products 16 Escalones Producciones
products 17-BIT
products 17-BIT
products 1Button SARL
products 1C Company
Founded in 1991 1C is a Russian company that specializes in distribution, support, publishing, and development of business, education and entertainment software. 1C is the official distributor of such vendors as Microsoft, Novell, Symantec,...
products 1C:Ino-Co
products 1st Playable Productions
products 2 Dawn Games
products 2 Monkeys
products 2 Tablespoons
products 2015
2015 develops PC game titles including the SiN add-on, Wages of SiN, as well as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.
products 2020 Venture
products 20th Century Fox Video Games
products 21-6 Productions
products 211me Inc.
products 21st Century Entertainment
products 22Cans
products 232 Studios
products 258 Productions
An adventure game producer.
products 270 Arts
products 2by3 Games
2 by 3 Games is a company that developes war games. Their primary focus is developing war games based on World War II. All of the games that they develope are published by Matrix Games.
products 2D Boy
products 2K Australia
products 2K Boston
Previously Irrational Games.
products 2K Games
Founded in 2005, 2K Games develops and publishes top-line PC, console and handheld entertainment software, with a strong concentration in three distinct categories, sports, high profile licenses and specialty product.

2K Games is headquartered in...
products 2K Marin
products 2K Shanghai
products 2ksomnis
products 2n
2n is the developer of 'Gobs of Games', published by 3DO for Game Boy Color.
products 2Stroke Design
products 2XL Games
products 3 Cubes Research Limited
products 3 Minute Games
products 3 Sprockets Pty Ltd
products 3 Squared Studios
products 3-D Shop
products 3000AD, Inc.
Headed by President and lead developer Derek Smart, 3000AD Inc. has made its mark in the world of DOS games thanks to Battlecruiser 3000AD. Battlecruiser Millenium continues their series of space flight sims.
products 343 Industries
products 345 Games
products 369 Interactive
Game development studio, founded in 1991. The company creates entertainment products for many well-known publishing houses, including Fox Interactive, Microsoft and THQ. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Radical also maintains an...
products 38 Studios
38 Studios was founded in late 2006 under the name "Green Monster Games" by-at the time- Boston Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling, who serves as the company's chairman. 38 Games would acquire Big Huge Games in May 2009.

The objective of 38 Studios...
products 39 Games
products 3909 LLC
products 394 Co. Ltd
products 3A Games
products 3BCubed
products 3D AGES
A subsidiary formed in cooperation between Sega and developer D3, 3D AGES oversees the release of classic Sega intellectual properties on next-gen consoles.
products 3D Labs, Inc.
products 3D Magic Kft.
products 3D Methods
products 3D People
products 3D Realms
Apogee's software publishing division, best known for its Duke Nukem series of computer games. 3D Realms was founded in 1994.
products 3d6 Games, Inc.
3d6 Games develops titles for GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance.
products 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.
products 3Divison Entertainment
3DIVISION is game development company located in Kosice, Slovakia. The core team was founded in 2003.

After first small projects we started to develop arcade flying action from the second world war period - Air Conflicts. We finished work on the...
products 3DO Company Inc.
The 3DO Company develops, publishes and markets interactive entertainment for multiple platforms including the PC, PlayStation game console, Nintendo 64, and the Internet. Popular titles include the Might & Magic series, and Requiem: The...
products 3G Studios
products 3G Studios, Inc.
products 3g60
products 3KIT Software GmbH
products 3KOF Studio
products 3RDsense
products 3Romans LLC
products 3T Productions, Ltd.
products 3VR, Inc.
products 4 Dragons Games
products 4 Head Studios
4HEAD Studios were founded in September 1997 by Lars Martensen and Tobias Severin. Their objective is the development of intelligent PC-games and to publish them internationaly.

Our track record includes: Die Fugger I + II (published only in...
products 41? 29! Digital Marketing Agency
products 49 Games
49Games was founded at the beginning of 2004 by trade intimates Peter Cukierski, Florian Knappe, Thomas Mahlke, Dierk Ohlerich (all formerly VCC Entertainment), and managing director Jan-Hendrik Ohl.

Our business is the development and...
products 4a-games
products 4D Rulers Software, Inc.
products 4dRulers Software Inc.
4dRulers Software is a small interactive entertainment software developer known for their upcoming first person action game, called Gore.
products 4inch Technology Limited
products 4J Studios
products 4X Studios
products 5 Lives Studio
products 5 Miles Out
products 5000th
5000th is a company based mostly on the production of MMOs, such as STACKED with Daniel Negreanu, with art, animation and graphics studio backgrounds. Games from this company have made their way on the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube.
products 505 Games
products 505 Games (US)
products 57Digital
products 5mina
products 5pb
products 5TH Cell
products 5th Planet Games
products 6864954 MANITOBA
products 6dBox Inc
products 7 Raven Studios
products 7 Studios
7 Studios was originally founded by Lewis Peterson (CEO) in 1999, and has grown into a group of experienced artists, designers, programmers and managers who have the common goal of creating the highest quality entertainment software for next...
products 7780s Studio
products 7FX
The company started its activities in October 1999 as a project team of Czech ICT company I.C.C.C. and at the beginning of 2001 a subsidiary company 7FX Ltd. was established. We succeeded in distribution of our first PC Game - TEAM FACTOR...
products 7th Bit Lab
products 7th Chord
products 7th Level
products 7th Sense s.r.l.
7th Sense is an Italian game development company. It is specialized in games for Nintendo consoles and PC.
products 800 North
products 89 Bits Entertainment Studio S.L.
products 8bit Games
products 8elements
products 8LB GORILLA
products 8monkey Labs, Inc.
products 989 Sports
989 Sports is the sports development division of 989 Studios.
products 989 Studios
989 Studios is a Sony subsidiary. They develop games for PlayStation.
products 99Games Online Private Limited